Firmware 2.1.0 to 2.2.0?

I’ve read several threads, including an active one right now, about the various disasters that have befallen those who tried to update their PWD and/or Bridge firmware. Yikes . . .

My PWD is an original Mk I upgraded to Mk II with the upgrade kit. Even since I got it, I’ve run 2.1.0, with the Bridge at 2.13. Knock on virtual wood: I have never had any problems and the system is working well. I’ve seen several SQ discussions of 2.0.2 (popular with many) and 2.2.0 (decidedly mixed, but given rave reviews by some; newly discovered 109 is good?). But I don’t recall seeing much about 2.1.0.

So, before even contemplating an upgrade, I’d like to hear from those who have an original Mk I, subsequently upgraded, along with a Bridge. What did you hear moving to 2.2? What version of it and of Bridge 2.14 do you have? Was the upgrade smooth?

Thanks - David

Hi David,

I have the same equipement (PWD MK I to MKII upgrade and Bridge) and I have moved back and forward between 2.0.2 and 2.1.0. A lot have been said about sound signature of both. 2.0.2 more laid back sounds smoother, where as the 2.1.0 more space / dimensional sound / leaner sound. To my knowledge the difference between 2.1.0 and 2.2.0 has to do with the new/different display the last model has. So it should not affect your PWD. Also 2.1.0 dimming the display seems impact the sound quality positively.

Flashing the PWD to new firmware is quite easy, but with any firmware update turn off your power amplifier during updating, or you might damage your speakers in the process.

jvilly said: Also 2.1.0 dimming the display seems impact the sound quality positively.

Didn't know that--thanks! I can't see the screen from my listening chair, so I've always turned the display off. That might explain, partially anyway, why I have never been unhappy with the sound; it doesn't sound lean to me, although I've never tried 2.0.2 to compare directly. I may try this summer, and hopefully the PWD won't transport itself to another dimension as a result of this "easy" process.

It is easy, but not without a risk let’s say. I always hope my power stays on during flashing any device.