PWD Firmware

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I am happily using my PWD MKII incl. bridge for more than 2 years now, but I never upgraded from firmware 2.2.0 to a higher level. Could you please let me know what I can expect from the different updates in terms of sound reproduction. The process as such is clear to me how to do the upgrade, but I simply don’t know what it will do to the sound. My bridge already works with the latest software update as it came in automatically. Would be grateful for your advice!

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I would suggest you go to the “PWD DAC Topics” forum (where this post was made) and look through all the sub topics. You will find several discussing the various firmware versions. The biggest issue is getting a consensus on what sounds “best”. Everybody has their opinion on what sounds “best” to them, but some are diametrically opposed. The best part of this is it is very easy and essentially free to try the different firmware versions, all you need is an SD card to download the firware to and experiment until you are satisfied you found the best for you.

I have a PWD Mk2 without a bridge.

I last upgraded software about a year ago. Only time I ever did.

Can you advise me what the latest upgrade is?

Someone mentioned Pike’s Peak. Is that relevant to my DAC, or only the DSD one?

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Pike’s Peak is for the DS only. Go to the Resources/Downloads page above. It looks like the most recent PWD firmware is 2.4.6. The higher the number the more recent it is.

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