Cannot Connect to PW DAC in ELyric iPad App


I’m looking for some help from the experts here. Using the ELyric iPad app, I cannot connect to the PW DAC, although it has worked (intermittently) in the past. In Devices, the DAC is listed but is grayed out. When I hit the “I” button, I see that the correct IP address for the DAC is shown and I can connect to the DAC at that address via my browser,

Other iPad apps I have like 8 Player, PlugPlayer, etc. have no trouble finding the DAC. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.


I am having this problem as well of late.

One thing that has consistently woked for me is a hard re-boot of the dac (use the switch in the back).

This only started happening in the last several months, so I assume it is tied ot the IOS7 upgrade.

Any with a better answer, I would love to know it as well.


Thanks. I’ve tried the reboot via the switch in back and also reset the DAC (or is it the Bridge I am resetting?) from the front panel on initialization but the problem persists.


There exist another thread where this problem has been elaborated.

It might shed some light on what is going on.

To quote myself:

‘I did some investigations on this and have a theory based on my understanding of the issue:

When uPNP devices are connected to a network they need to perform a discovery process (i.e. Notify or M-Search SSDP broadcast on and the uPNP devices (e.g. Bridge renderer) are supposed to respond on a specific port.

To me it seems that the eLyric control point does forward this request since other devices are discovered however the Bridge does not seem to respond on port 50505 (except on boot). But it does seem to respond when the web command ‘Reset uPnP server’ is received. There doesn’t seem to be a blocking issue in the firewall since the ‘Reset uPnP server’ works and sometimes it works in a flakey manner.

There also exist reports on congestions when several devices answers at the same time and also that the network may be flooded with SSDP advertisements.

The greyed out fields are caused by a missing byebye message from the device.

The discovery process should repeat itself at regular intervals from what I understand.

Also, the response from the SSDP advertisements seems to be disconnected from the uPnP server on the host, meaning that if you start the iController you will see that several nodes are being recognized still with no server running.’ - See more at:

The way to temporary fix this you can reset the uPnP Server from the web page.

It might also work to swipe to delete and then use Refresh in the eLyric Controller.


for me I gave up . I can only use the bridge with jriver or foobar. the elyric went down a while back. gorden who is kind man helped . the bridge is there , but no for elyric.



I gave up too. I tried all of the above: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. One thing is true: the effort is never worth it. Give JRiver and JRemote a try. Works great. YMMV. I think the combination will cost you $60 and some effort to configure upfront.

The link below will help you get started.