New to Sprout- question on Analog out

So I connected the Sprout via Optical input from TV and I use BT as well from PC. Sounds great on my smaller Monitor speakers… This is essentially my TV/2nd system that sits integrated with my main system as TV etc are all right there.
I ran the A-out (there is nothing on A-in) over to my preamp. This was in hopes of when needed, I could run the TV or BT signal through the main system/speakers. Not a peep.
The manual seems to indicate that no matter the source, A-out is active?
Is it a fixed voltage or do I need to crank the volume on the Sprout to up the output?
Not sure what I’m doing wrong but it says “A-out” not “pre out” so maybe I goofed in my assumption regarding capabilities?

Thanks for any ideas…

Yes, A out is the analog out and whatever has been selected on the front panel switch should appear at the same level as the volume control. It is not a fixed voltage output or pass through. Maybe check the cables?

Thanks Paul. Armed with your knowledge I tried again while using Bluetooth. It works but I have to have the volume cranked waaay up on the Sprout then also on my pre-amp and I can feel the drivers move on my mains. Still can’t really hear the mains. Obviously not an issue when I USB to the DirectStream to the pre. My guess is there is a mismatch or the signal is just too weak. I may try another input on the pre but I would think “3” is as good as 4 or 5. Not the Sprouts fault, just seems like the pre is not liking the signal level. May work if I disconnected the monitors, cranked the Sprout to 100 but that is not a good option. 95% of listening will be on monitors. I was just hoping to pipe BT or TV to mains on some occasions.

Ok. I guess “Unity Gain” if I use pass thru or just any input is 89. I did not try that high as that is a scary number (lol). Setting the pre to 89 and then heading up the Sprout volume scale does get the mains going in conjunction with the monitors. Now that I know this, I can try TV etc.

Thank you!!!

Right. Rats. The analog outs are tied to the volume control as you’d hope, but when the input signal’s too low….sorry about that.

No Issue- thank you very much. We have liftoff. I hooked to input 5 on pre and when I hit pass thru on my remote it automatically ramps to 89 and I get sound from mains and monitors. I cranked the Sprout and got some good dBs going. I need to try later when I can test (it’s a bit early for BTO or The Matrix)

This is working as designed. Have a great weekend.!

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