Newbie questions for sprout100

Hi. I want to pull the trigger on my first audiophile product the sprout100. But i do have a question. First and please dont laugh but my current gear is all entry level bottom of the barrel. Denon avr-s530bt powering a couple polk rtia3 bookshelves and use a bluray player for cd playback. I also have a entry level denon TT with a schiit phono preamp. I only use the avr for stereo (no surrounds hooked up) and is rated at 70x2 into 8ohms. Now speaking strictly power wise, is the denon amp more powerful than the sprout as in will i have to turn the sprout up more for the same volume level? Im sure ill get better clarity with the sprout tho, that i think i understand. this will be my first step and then later i will eventually upgrade the TT and the speakers etc etc. but i feel getting this integrated amp is step number 1. I also read that under powering speakers is a bad thing for the speakers and want to make sure this puppy wont hurt my speakers any more. They also say these polks need a lot of power to drive them and dont know if i should get a regular integrated amp from denon or marantz instead. Entry level that is. I am on a budget but a little less than a grand is my max right now. Any and all advice is welcomed. Again. I know my current setup is laughable so please be kind. Im just starting out.

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For a grand you can get the Sprout Elac system and you won’t have to worry about the Polks and you won’t believe how good that sounds. I bought that system for my wife’s office and for a year a day hasn’t gone by she doesn’t remind me how much she likes it.
Welcome to the forum, and good luck with whatever you choose.

Cheers, Jim

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No one here inside the “HiFi Family” laughs at Newbies (Elk will have them obliterated…LOL). We’ve all started like yourself. Be careful…It’s a Rabbit Hole and a Money Pit once your in…not LOL !

I’ve ran Polk Speakers for years. As I upgraded, they would go from my Main L/R to my back surround channels. You can never have enough Speakers ! :smiley:


Welcome, Daytona3073!

Everyone starts somewhere. We are pleased to have you join us.

There is no danger of damaging your speakers with a small amp. While it is possible, this occurs only when someone tries to play their system way to loud, driving the amp into distortion. This can hurt the speakers, but any vaguely reasonable person will never do this as the dreadful sound and incredible volume will stop you well in advance. :slight_smile:

The Sprout Elac system is truly good. And PS Audio will give you 30 days to try it out to make sure you are pleased. My bet is you would not send it back.

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Oh i’m ready for the rabbit hole. I got my eye inside and ready to go head first. Very excited too. I keep a blu ray player because ive started a mini collection of blu ray audio discs and even with my cheapo system, the clarity is so much better than a regular cd. I eventually want to get a sacd player but noticed none play blu ray audio. It doesnt matter. Thats what different inputs are for. And i know the sound must be great on the sprout100 but the size of it kinda keeps me guessing on its power capability.

Is it SACD compatible with a USB memory stick slot in the front ? If so, then it’s a great starter in the DSD files/SACD Discs world.

Welcome to the rabbit hole Dayton! It’s an expensive ride but a darn fun one. As far as power goes, you won’t have any problem with the Sprout100 driving the Polks, or future speakers in this relative price range. Any more or less power with amps doesn’t relate at all to volume/how much you have to turn up the volume knob. How loud it gets has more to do with the gain structure of the amp. I wouldn’t worry about this though because the Sprout100 can drive pretty much any speaker out there louder than anyone needs.

The Sprout over your existing Denon is going to be a much more rich experience. The detail will certainly be there, but what you’ll get more of is that believable sound. The sound staging will become much more apparent and the size of the sound coming from the speakers will be bigger. It won’t seem like the music is confined to and being produced by the speakers.

Sure the Sprout might be entry level in relative terms, but it is one heck of a big jump into achieving the audiophile sound.

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I just got the Sprout less than a month ago - I have speakers similar to the eLac in the package… Mine are a bit more power hungry - anyway, it’s the first time I bought “entry level audiophile equipment” that actually lived up to the hype of being “audiophile,” even though it’s “entry level.”

I am loving it - It’s quite powerful… It works well with my LPs, digital and headphones.

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