2 Power outages in one week; odd M700 behavior?

We’ve experienced 2 power outages in the last week; each lasting over 45 minutes. My Rotel CD player and my PSAudio equipment (Stellar GDAC, M700 monoblocks) are connected to a PSAudio Stellar PP3. There was no apparent damage to my connected components.
BUT…when the power was restored to our home both times, the CD player was powered up and the PP3 and GDAC blue lights were glowing, but both times, the amps’ lights were off. Pressing the buttons turned the amps back on. I had to reset the GDAC to my favored In8 remote pushbutton and I also had to turn the PP3 MW back on.
So why should the amps be the only components powered down after power restoration if all components are plugged into the PP3 regenerated outlets?

Unless you’re using a trigger from a device that goes auto-on from power cycle, that’s the behavior for my amps too when I have to power down the PP. My Pre and Amps both stay off and my DSD powers on. I don’t think you want power amps coming on by default anyway–the big current draw up front can cause other problems if everything were to power up at once.

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This is expected behavior for the amps and the other gear. If you power the amps off with the rear switch, the exact same thing will happen.


Thanks to vee and jamesh. I should have thought this through…

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No problem at all DrShaw! :grinning:

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