24/192 Playback Issues Via DSD/BridgeII/JRiver

Seems to be a “loading” or “queuing” glitch that impacts the loading time and the loading sequence (“out of order”) when trying to play 24/192 files/“albums” via DSD-BridgeII. I use JRiver, so I wonder if there is a known compatibility issue with the DSD/BridgeII, or if this is something that PS-Audio is aware of. I couldn’t find the thread where I believe this was previously discussed. Anyway, it’s extremely annoying so I would love to find a remedy.

Thank you! beer_gif


I don’t have any problems like that playing JRMC21 (Mac Mini) to DS/Bridge II. I assume you checked to make sure the software (including JRemote) isn’t somehow set to “shuffle”.

Big files (including 24/196) do take a couple seconds more to load than redbook CD rips when playing to B2 in my DSD, but I have never encountered any issue with the order of files loading. I use MinimServer not JRiver.