DSD / Hi-Res Tracking Issues, Delays, and Stops

JRiver(20)/Laptop > Ethernet > Bridge2/DSD sr

I mentioned this issue in a different thread and received a response from another member who experiences identical issues: When selecting a specific track from a DSD file (and on hi-res PCM files too), said track fails to start - instead the following track plays, and there is quite a delay prior to the track starting at all. Often, the track will simply stop playing after a minute or so, requiring the track to be selected again. This is very disruptive. Is this a known problem with either the BridgeII or JRiver?

Note, that this issue, while previously present in my system, seems to be much worse since I’ve upgraded to the new BridgeII firmware update.

Between Bridge I, Bridge II, DMP, LANRover and eLyric (yes, I was a big eLyric user on Bridge 1), I have concerns for PS Audio’s software prowess (Ted’s brilliant work clearly excluded). I’ll take a hard look at the new music server but will be very skeptical. I love PS Audio’s forum openness but don’t like the lack of follow-up on software issues.

JRiver is not perfect but their board is very active and issue follow-up is very good (if sometimes a little too angry and quick to blame anti-virus software). Media software is complex and requires a large, active team to resolve issues. There will be issues (we’re not all as tech savvy as Ted): how issues get addressed and how quickly will be the measure of success.

The last couple of Bridge II updates have made everyday operations worse. I therefore stick to V2.9.1. I have no need for MQA or Tidal and V2.9.1 works very well with JRiver.

If you don’t know, you can use a Windows app to load old Bridge II firmware versions. I’m sure, if you ask, PS Audio will send you the program to load on your Windows machine.

Thanks for your reply amsco15.

PS Audio has a good track record of addressing customer concerns. That’s why I posted this. It is my hope, that if others are experiencing similar issues, they can chime in here to establish dialog that can then be properly addressed. It may be that this is a known issue that is already being addressed. I believe I read something about similar tracking issues somewhere on this site, but I can’t recall from which thread. I really want to remedy this issue and in order to do so, I need to understand whether the problem is server-related, or Bridge-related. The fact that the latest Bridge firmware update has worsened the issue (in my system) leads me to believe that this is a Bridge firmware issue.

Tallking about Bridge II software and updates don’t forget PS Audio is dependent in part on Converse Digital.

FWIW…never had any issue updating my PWT, Directstream, Bridge II and P10 (once had a hardware failure which was resolved very quickly in the most perfect sense). Playing cd’s and streaming Tidal MQA, Qobuz HiRes and local files from the Melco flawlessly without drop outs whatsoever my PS Audio gear always was and still is top reliable. Maybe a bit lucky but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Don’t misunderstand me, I realize for those who are victim of things going wrong during updates, as well as for those having problems with third party software and/or network it can be very frustrating.

@timequest ; sorry not being able to help except maybe try BubbleUpnp and/or mconnectControlHD to detect the cause of the problem; JRiver, network, Bridge… I’m convinced with the help in this forum -which to me is the ultimate example how to approach users in an almost perfect audio world- the problem soon will be solved :wink:

Two things come to my mind. First, verify if the 3 dlna settings in JRiver are checked. See screenshot attached. Second, JRiver is addressing dlna issues, but you are still using an older version. JRiver MC is at version 23 already. I’m using the latest, stable version MC 23.0.80 (Linux), Bridge II version 3.4.5 and have all 3 dlna options checked. I never experience any issues.


Thanks wijber and wybe…much appreciated.

I have suspected that it might be a server issue. If I update JRiver20 to the latest version (23…), will my stored library/folders and subfolders remain intact, or will I have to reload the whole thing into the new version of JRiver?

I have never had a problem with my library or settings properly transferring when updating JRiver. JRiver has been very good about that over the years. Small disclaimer, I’ve never jumped up three major revisions. Another note, IMO those settings are a fix for an improper operating rendered and did not work for me on a previous bridge II update.

Thought of something else as well. Make a library back-up before you upgrade!! Just-in-case!! JRiver makes them automatically but make another one.