30K system for a Garage?!

Was just browsing about car detailing and checked out one of my old youtube channels, Obsessed Garage… apparently he’s now into Audio and selling Dynaudio and NAD?! Ok, cool… then I saw this video of him explaining his GARAGE system, costing $30K or so, all in.

Obsessed Home Garage Audio - Completed! - YouTube

I can’t make sense of it, NOTHING will sound great in a garage, and I believe the high end gear he’s using, PLUS the way it’s setup is 100% a waste… a modest $1-2K system would get you 95% of the same for a GARAGE! :thinking:

What do you guys think?

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Can you imagine having a turntable and records in the garage? I’m with you blindly…will take a look at that vid. It could certainly be done in a proper, filthy rich mancave/garage…that’s really more of a house.

All that echo. How can it not sound like crap? Looks like a terrible listening space.

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Yup, it’s insane… essentially unless you somehow went crazy wanted TREATED the garage for whatever reason, NO way you could utilize the potential of higher end gear! I think he’s selling his products to super rich who wanna brag without having a clue about audio, he’s even talking about doing ATMOS in the garage! WHAT?!


Awh man, that’s awesome. I can’t stop asking myself, “What?” “What?” This guy’s presentation has me questioning how legitimate this is, but at the same time I’m so engrossed in and amused by the absurdity of it all.

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I think it’s a sale pitch to unsuspecting rich morons with zero clue about audio to purchase expensive stuff from him and to pimp their garage just as bragging rights.

Like he can’t get a stereo image in his garage and his solution was to add a center channel?! Or the insane suggestion to call him if they wanna setup ATMOS home theatre on their garages! What?? :exploding_head:

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Total waste of Dynaudio heritage specials! The guy said when he calibrated Dirac setting, the NAD won’t play as loud as he wanted. The NAD unit must be thinking “what the heck! I echo in every direction”.

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Best audio gear I’ve had in the garage was my AM/FM transistor radio. Ended up getting lost during a move. Still wish I had it!!


My system is in a large garage, but at least it’s a converted garage (no more cars). In the video he pretty much admits to everything from it costing too much for a garage, to the bad positioning of the speakers (no imaging), the lousy acoustics, how he would do it differently in the future, and how it’s not for critical listening. I got no issues with this since he has confessed to his “sins.”

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He is having fun and listening to music.

Most of our systems are silly and excessive when viewed rationally.


I’m more cynical. I think it’s a sale pitch to sell the highest priced gear he sells to folks with cash and without ears or knowledge.

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Fair but a modest system would essentially sound exactly the same as it this if not better (positioning them better). more outrageous is him selling setting up Atmos in a garage! :man_shrugging:t2:

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So what? He has the money, is enjoying himself, and is enjoying music.

I could have purchased an Accord to go grocery shopping, but my Z06/Z07 is vastly more amusing. I have yet to have any one approach and declare “You fool, you could have bought an Accord!” But these judgment souls are out there. :frowning:

I am continually amazed with how many are obsessed with what others do with their money.


Friends don’t let friends drive Accords!


Right On…Elk!! I suggest it is called “Prideful Envy”. Had one of the first Accords off the boat in Houston, obviously very many years ago & at the time was smitten & joyous!
Did it sustain me to/through my GT-350 Mustang (long gone now!)……of course not, but loved it nonetheless, chronic head gasket problems, and all!:blush:

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Then why would he point out everything that is wrong with what he did? He even mentioned “diminishing returns” from spending so much on equipment, but got it below wholesale. He seems to be promoting what NOT to do, and what NOT to spend.

Thanks for posting this - I watch Obsessed Garage from time to time but haven’t seen this yet.

I used to think the guy was an ass but the more I watched I got where he was coming from.

He’s obviously a car guy but one episode he started talking audio and I realized he knew what he was talking about.

I think his business is selling high end auto detailing stuff. Haven’t watched the sound system episode yet but from the description it seems he’s honest about the mediocre results. He spent over 7 figures on that garage so being an audiophile he wanted good gear and a shot at decent sound despite the challenges.

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Yeah but now he’s selling audio and this is his sales pitch. I love his auto stuff. Actually bought some car products off him, they have some of the best detailing products. However, I find this audio setup quite ridiculous.

Hey, let me put some race tires on a 1983 Toyota Corolla 1.6L… then point out, these tires are diminishing returns on such a car. Does it make sense?!

If someone is honest on how to setup an ideal garage, you’d point out at the outset that you could never take advantage of full potential of an expensive gear in a garage. If I was setting up a nice garage setup, I’d go for convenience, weather sealed speakers and good setup of speaker locations instead of buying the most expensive gear I could get my hands on even at wholesale prices.

He then suggests “contact our team if you wanna setup home theatre and Atmos in your garage”… comes on! That’s literally the most ridiculous audio advice I’ve ever heard. People have difficulty setting up Atmos in a treated room let alone garage.

He’s just selling his services and throwing the most expensive products at it, for upswell potential. Again, he’s a cool guy and I’m a customer of his car products but I think his pitch to do audio in this fashion is simply bad advice, and is a bad look for honest audio dealers making them even less scarce these days as then no one would trust ppl like that.