10.000 Hits in 36 Hours....It Must Be Bose...LOL

Thomas of Thomas & Stereo & I have been working on this for a few months and he just unleashed it yesterday morning.

Subscriber Joe’s BOSE 901 system, room tour.

it was a lot of fun, editing, and planning. He was a huge help in planning out the format, stories, and my personal opinions (I don’t like the Series 3 - 6 901’s). Only Sealed Boxes and miniDSP for me. The Comments section only had one Troll and I took care it.




Nice interview Joe. I admire all your DIY work.


901 series one served me very well for many years. Purchased 1969 as second owner for 50% off $750 list since they ate the original owner’s Phase Linear 700. This was serious money then for a first year law student. A 1969 BMW 2002 was $3,200. True they required a lot of stable power. I had 60w mono Harmon Kardon for a while until I moved to a living room 17x30x17. More power-Yamaha 2020 at 125wx2 worked great and still does. The 901s got replaced by Thiel CS-6 and sold in perfect shape in 2018 for $475 with tulip stands and equalizer which had been rebuilt by the Bose factory.

Mark H.

That’s a great story Mark. I would have grabbed them for $475 in mint shape but I’m in Scottsdale, AZ. Aug. 2018 is when my 901 trip Tuscon occurred and the tattered Series 1 901’s with the original Tulip Stands. $350 and he wanted $1000 originally !

Thanks cd !