5 Minute edit on Paul's Posts

Maybe a few weeks ago, the 5 minute edit grace period feature of Paul’s Posts stopped working for me and others. Someone mentioned the other day it had been fixed, but my posts still go right up without the option to edit. I exclusively use an iPad Pro for the purpose, if that helps.


Oh, just live in the spontenayite of the martian and learn how to tipe!


I mean ‘type.’ Edit seems to work for me - I wonder why not so much for you.

EDIT #2:

Darn! I meant ‘spontaneity’! Okay - so that’s about 4 minutes after my initial post.

EDIT #3:

Just trying to edit again. Now it’s been 10 minutes since the initial post. @Elk, does the ‘member’ group have different permissions than the ‘contributor’ group?

EDIT #4:

An hour later I can still edit this post.

PB - I’m referring to Paul’s Posts, not these forums.

It used to have a countdown timer after you posted, where you could recheck your spelling, or your stupidity wink

But it stopped working for me on my iPad, anyway. Need to try it with a computer.

My apologies - I misunderstood.

Peanut Butter said My apologies - I misunderstood.
But it was a great post. :)