Giant Emoji

For our new members:

The giant smileys are a quirk of the forum software. They result when you type in a smiley emoticon; that is a : followed by a ).

You can obtain normal sized emoji by clicking on the “smileys” button on the bottom left when composing a post, and picking one’s emoji of choice.

Of course, if you like the giant emoji you are very welcome to use them. This is just to explain what is going on. I expect most are pretty surprised when the giant smiling face appears upon saving a new post.


It may also be helpful for people to know that any text-based smileys are problematic in general right now, so using the blue ‘smileys’ button below the typing space may be best.

Typing anything other than a colon+right parenthesis (smile) is really messed up. A left parenthesis for a ‘frown’ emoji may make the post vanish, rather than be posted. A semicolon for a ‘wink’ may wedge the software.

These are just a couple of the bugs that showed up back in May. Reference: Link: new-forum-issues/disappearing-posts

@adminpaul - Have you heard back from your IT guy yet?

No, he seems to have vaporized. I’ll start a new search.

Wow, that’s not good, and it must be frustrating for you, Paul. frown Good luck with the search; hope you find someone that’s good (and can count on) soon.

@adminpaul - It’s been a while, Paul. How’s that search going? We’re still hopeful that the various bugs that suddenly showed up last March will get fixed soon.

@adminpaul - Just in case a list helps… It appears that there may be some additional challenges that were posted in the ‘display-inconsistent-on-list-of-unread-posts’ thread, which was renamed to ‘Help Us Improve the Forum!’’

  • 'Most recent topics with unread posts' button not functioning properly
  • Giant smileys
  • Wink-smileys making posts disappear
  • Post counts being stuck (no longer incrementing)
Forum members that have been around for a while have been muddling through, using various workarounds (which are still a pain in the neck), but this all must be pretty nuts for any newcomers.

Yes, it must be very frustrating for new members.

Let me try again to get our programmer on the case. I have a new one that’s pretty effective.

It’s great that you found someone. Thanks, Paul. Hope he can fix the bugs easily.

Tyera test reply

test reply

IE test reply

Chrome test reply


Another test, with smileys :slight_smile:


This is better! :slight_smile:

Yes! Emojis working. :slight_smile:

Even the wink :wink:

Heck yes. Even works for me.