&6%$3(#@*%&$ Mark All Read button!

I was just reading the forum on my tablet as I often do and… Missed the Unread and Recently Posted button by a few millimeters - accidentally hit the Mark All Read button! Now I have the entertaining exercise of trying to hunt down something like 37 threads with posts that I have not seen to see of there is anything interesting or useful posted, or a question that I could provide an answer for.

This issue was raised shortly after the conversion to the new forum software and nothing has been done about the seemingly reasonable request to move the useful but DANGEROUS Mark All Read button away from the more useful and oft used Unread and Recently Posted button.

How many others have been bitten by this poor layout positioning? Is it THAT hard to change the button positions?

(a very irritated)


I do it all the time.

Sorry Wings! sucks for sure.

This would be frustrating, and apparently easy to do on a tablet with the typical pudgy fingers of an audiophile.

Dammit!!! did it again!

Is an adjustment for this issue being considered or are going to forever operate in a state of User Beware and be hyper vigilant about the EXACT placement of our clicks? This is particularly tablet hostile, perhaps smartphone too, though I almost never peruse this site from my phone.


I think it is made like that to prevent your unread posts from piling up devil_gif

possibly the only way to avoid this without serious programming [ i know not the insides of it] would be to delete or disable it but then posts would pile up in absence. a 2 edged sword. it happens to me occasionally but if any thread has a following then it does come back with any new post.

I get a lot of PMs and I find that that area could use some work as well since most are NOT identified by sender or date.

wingsounds13 said Dammit!!! did it again!
I just did it myself for the first time - on a laptop.

I had 27 notices. It always amuses me how forum traffic picks up exponentially when everyone is back to work on Monday.