Mark as read?

Some forums let you mark a post as read (even if you really haven’t read it). This means you don’t have to see it again. I think it would be helpful to have this feature here.

I normally log in and use the pulldown menu that says “New/recently updated topics” to see what’s new. Right now, for instance, there are seven posts listed under the Power Products section when I pull down the new topics. I don’t own any PS power products, so normally I don’t read posts in this area (occasionally I do, just out of curiosity). But generally I would prefer not to keep seeing these same topics, that I don’t plan to read, every time I come back. They do disappear after a certain amount of time–several days, I think, although I’ve never actually timed it. If I could mark them as “Read” by right-clicking or something then they would not appear when I come back.

Is this possible? Anybody else think it would be useful?

I haven’t seen this much but it does sound like a good option.

What works for me - Each time I visit the forum I click on the third icon from the right under the Select Forum dropdown, which shows you the “Most recent topics with unread posts” in a popup window. After accessing whichever of those threads I’m interested in, I click on the second icon from the right to “Mark all topics as read”. The next time I access the forum I do the same thing and only see any new topics/posts. I hope that this wasn’t too obvious and is helpful to some members.

Thank you Bill. I had a feeling there was probably a “Mark all as read” control around somewhere. I had never used those icons under the Select Forum dropdown. I do find the pulldown list to the left of the Select Forum dropdown easier to use than the list that is generated by the “Most recent topics” icon. The latter is longer due to the repeated headings and the box that gets in the way. But now that you’ve called my attention to the “Mark all as read” icon, I can read the ones I’m interested in, by whichever method, and then mark the rest so they don’t appear again. I get a bit nervous around buttons that have an “All” in their namesad_gif, so my preference would be to select multiple messages with control-click or shift-click and then right-click to mark just those messages. But I will manage fine with what we have.

Edit: it turns out that the “Mark all as read” icon does not communicate with the “New/Recently updated” pulldown. I clicked on the “Mark all as read” icon, and received a confirmation message. Then I logged out, closed my browser, came back. I got a different list than I had previously when I pulled down the “New/Recently updated” menu. I will experiment more with using the third icon from the left.