Jumping pages in forum section

Is anyone else having a problem on their I-pad in the forums section? Anytime I click on a forum subject matter the page jumps up and down and all around and will not go to the latest entry date. And I still can’t post photos… WTH

Not here. I was surfing the site last night with my Ipad (a mini). Did you try restarting your Ipad and try another browser? I assume you’re using Safari. I have Chrome and Firefox on mine. Sometimes when I get snagged with an incompatibility switching between those browsers gets me out of a bind.


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All I’ve noticed lately is on my iPhone it sometimes takes a lot of scrolling up, down, left and right to get to my avatar in the upper right corner to check on notifications.

I tried restarts and switching browsers but a big no go…I googled for any type of info that I could use for a possible fix to no avail also…Oh well! :confounded: My pc works like a charm though…go figure!

You are not hallucinating, the same thing is happening with my iPad, Laptop (PC) works fine

So it’s not just me then. :grimacing:

Thanks for letting us know. We will look into it.


I’ll forward this over to Scott and see what he thinks.
He’ll be out for a few days but will jump in when he’s back in town.


I can no longer get past mid-November in the Humor thread in Everything Else. Jumping all over on my mini IPad. Without this daily fix, I could get grumpy. Maybe I’ll find solace in the coffee thread.

Anxious in Olympia

Any news on the problem?

Same here and very annoying issue. Each time I click a thread on iPad from the list I need to scroll down a lot to find the last post. 3 weeks before never had this problem. It seems that the website cannot send me to the right point even if it appears with the red line “last visit” after a manual long scroll,

Yep, jumping problem here. After experiencing the problem on my iPad mini, I immediately hit the back arrow once, then go back into the tread. This usually resolves the issue for the remainder of the session.

Oh ya, another issue that’s recent, the software used to be great about picking up every thread where you left off, this is not the case anymore. I often get put fairly far back up in the thread. The “last visit” line remains accurate.

Pretty much using my I-pad for forum use is about useless at this point. I haven’t been able to load any photos either for months…:-1:

This got put on their bug tracker but I haven’t heard an update yet. I’ll check and see if they have a schedule for when they will work on it.

Thanks jamesh!

Well,I’m glad to report my Apple I-pad problem has finally been fixed after four months. Don’t know how or why but I do appreciate it…:partying_face: