A chat with Paul McGowan


There’s some good info on upcoming product’s in the interview!

Can you tell which? It’s hard to listen an hour for it :wink:

The most interesting for myself was the announcement that the DirectStream MKII will be provided by two FPGA’s… (because of the global supply problems)

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New product info starts around 55 min. into the interview.

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Go to the last 10 minutes. He said the first octave streamer should be out this fall $2k, another perfectwave streamer will be out shortly after. DSD MK II this fall. The new speakers will be priced at $20k a pair available in 10/21 :crossed_fingers:t2:. The BHK 600 should be in beta soon no price mentioned. That’s what I took from the video.

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Lot of seasoned competition at that price point…

The speakers sound interesting (pardon the pun) 4-8” drivers and 2 passive radiators. 10” ribbon midrange and 1” tweeter.

The Perfect wave streamer is the server I guess.
I have a problem with not knowing anything about the Octave SW features before trying such a unit.

Yes on the perfectwave streamer Paul said it would have internal storage and will be around the 6k price point! There is a lot of competition at that price point! Both will be Roon endpoints. Octave software 5yrs in the making. :confounded:

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It will be a SW decision for me…if it would be more flexible than Octave and Roon, I’d go for the small one…with this limitation it‘s harder to decide.

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I picked up my first dedicated streamer. It’s a Auralic Aries G2 and sits in between the two Octave streamer price points. From what I’ve experienced with the Auralic I wish PS the best because they are going to have some stiff competition!

Yes but it’s 3 times the price of the small one and also limited in connecting server SW.

I picked up my G2 for $2795 with the capability to add a internal HD for server duty. The deals are out there.

There is stiff competition for nearly all audio equipment at all price points.

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Excellent point. It would be more interesting to learn of the truly unique products. We want not for choice these days. Too much of a good thing at times.

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The choices are many and varied. Pure Streamer, Steamer w/DAC, Integrated w/Streamer and DAC, Pre w/Streamer and DAC, etc…

I was recently considering a McIntosh C53 Pre but decided to see what the next round of PSA looks like.

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Sounds like it is going to be a lot of great new PS Audio products in the coming months. Hang on to your wallet!

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@tedsmith Hello Ted, I saw this too when the interview just posted.

Curious on how do you use 2 FPGAs? Do you need to divide your code to two independent parts? Or do you actually do a parallel processing (like those HPC guys are doing) on them? Thanks.

There’s some discussion about this over here: