A few questions about PSA P3 filtered sockets vs regen sockets

Hi I’m new to the forum as I recently purchased a P3 which is arriving in 2-3 weeks. I am doing some research while I wait for it to arrive. My chain is simple:

Lumin U1 Mini → Audio GD DI-20 Digital Interface → Audio GD R7HE DAC → Kinki EX-M1+ integrated amp (I have a Furman AC210 feeding the DI-20 and another AC210 feeding the EX-M1+).

Question 1:
Should I plug the EX-M1+ integrated amp into a P3 regen socket or a filtered socket? Kinki specs: Output Power: 215W (8Ω), 400W (4Ω), both channel driven.

Question 2:
Will I benefit from powering the Lumin U1 Mini into a regen socket? I believe the U1 Mini has a low noise switching power supply, which is why I ask. I am not sure if it will benefit from the P3, and if it will, should I go regen socket or filtered socket?

Question 3:
Also, if I may ask, I live in South Africa and the AC mains power coming into my home is rather noisy. I have a few Furman AC210 power conditioners which do a fantastic job filtering RF noise. Would the Furmans be of benefit upstream (or downstream) with a P3 in my chain? From what I’ve read, it is not advised, but then again, I’ve also read many mixed views on the benefits of power conditioners upstream specifically. I’m hoping to get some clarity on this here.

Welcome, @Ninja_Theory !

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Some additional context which may help with any advice offered in response to my questions. I am informed I will have my P3 sooner than expected, possibly by end of this week or latest by next week.

Q1 additional context: I have read the various threads on this subject matter, however, I’m not sure if the Kinki EX-M1+ amp would be considered high current, which is why I ask if it should be plugged into the conditioning or regen socket. I think I would prefer the regen socket if this is feasible for a 215WPC solid state amp. Edit: A friend of mine who used to have a P3 said the Kinki amp I mentioned here should be fine powered through a regen socket.

Q2 additional context: Switching power supplies add noise back into the chain, which is why I ask if the Lumin U1 Mini would benefit from being plugged into the P3, and if so, I assume it should be a regen socket?

Q3 additional context: With the P3 in my chain, would my Furman AC210’s no longer serve a purpose at all? I also have an IsoTek Polaris conditioner, all of which I have been using up to now.

I live in SA too, and I’m new here too! Welcome.

When I was doing my research, the P3 seemed like it would be running very near its limit with even moderate integrated amps. Best you can do is test. If the Kinki struggles on the P3, rather move it to filter-only outlet and make sure that the source components get the regen.

I have found the regen’s benefit in sound quality to be massive. So I don’t think you need to use both the Furman(s) and the P3 on one line. In my experience, conditioning degrades sound quality, especially on entry level conditioners.

Unless you really feel like you want the protection of the Furman on the incoming power feeding the P3 (between wall and P3), I’m sure the P3 will still do its magic.

I am also keen to know how switch-mode power supplies respond to regen, but you may benefit from a linear power supply.

That said… you will get benefit by ensuring that the power cable feeding the P3 is of high quality, and also the cables between P3 and your components.

And then… once you get it, give it several weeks to burn in before you start playing around.


Quick update:

Q1 seems answered: Plug the Kinki EX-M1+ into a regen socket.
Q2 also seems answered: Paul mentions here that SMPS should be plugged into the Powerplant if it is part of the audio chain. Another user mentioned good results with SMPS into the Powerplant.
Q3: Two friends in SA who have both owned Powerplants advised me that additional power conditioning is not required upstream or downstream.

My P3 arrives tomorrow. So it seems I’m good to go. Looking forward to this next leg of my audio journey with a Powerplant in my chain.

Cool, keep us posted with your impressions once you get that puppy installed and have a few hours on it.

I’ve had the P3 running for almost a week now. It has been nothing short of sheer excellence. I added it to my chain with neutral expectations. My thinking was: best case I might hear some level of SQ improvement; and worst case I could rest at ease knowing that I was at least feeding my rig clean power.

Well let me say that the results are just astounding. It has transformed my music experience in every conceivable way. It is like each component in my rig has been reinvented in the best possible way: Streamer, DAC, DDC, amp, speakers/headphones.

I plugged it straight into the mains to start. The experience was so incredible (as touched on above) that I didn’t even bother testing with my conditioners. I put them up for sale and sold them.

I am still taken aback at how this P3 has breathed new life into my music life. I consider it one of the most worthwhile audio purchases I have made to date. Consider me a PS Audio supporter for life…


Man, that’s some huge praise! Thanks for keeping us posted and enjoy the tunes tonight!

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Thought I’d let you know the P3 handles the Kinki with ease on a regen socket. The Kinki is a 215 WPC integrated.

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I find no differences in HC vs regen outlets on the stellar P3
I have connected two M700 into the HC zones(filter sockets), 2 regen left for pream and DAC
I have swapped the M700s to regen sockets, DAC and pream into HC , they are sounding the … same
But finally, i switched back the M700s to the HC with regen ON as people’s suggestion over here.

I hesitate considering to get the fuse upgrade but not sure i can get the huge improvement while spending nearly 1K (include ship + tax) to get the 4 purple fuses to replace the PSA stock one, i suspect the P3 will not make any much imrpovments , the P15, P20 maybe