I need more receptacles for my Powerplant Stellar P3

I plan to invest in a PS AUDIO STELLAR POWERPLANT P3 before long, but I am missing receptacles, as the 4 receptacles that are on the rear for EU-customers are not enough. I wonder if interference can interfere with the devices if im using douple socket plug-ins in some of the zones?Of course I will separate analogue equipments from digital equipments in each zone.

There shouldn’t be interference issues by adding more sockets. The benefit of feeding your gear regenerated power will out weigh any potential interference by doing so.

Thanks for the answer.It also has a financial advantage in that I do not have to invest in another Powerplant P3.

Well in that case, you will get a lot of interference. You absolutely need a second, maybe even a third P3… :smiley: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have the same issues, and on my US version, I resolved it by plugging an old PS Audio Juice Bar into one of the P3 receptacles to power my digital disc players, and I haven’t had any problems in either operation or sound. Whether that experience can be extrapolated to the European version, I don’t know.

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I’m about to add a hospital grade power strip to mine. Hospitals and their sensitive lifesaving equipment need the best there are and so do I. But DANG they are expensive! (heavy, too. Time to do some curls with it)

Maybe 3-4 P20s, to allow future equipment to be added!


Yes, they are quite hefty! After working with them for a while, I almost feel uncomfortable now plugging anything into the cheapo outlets you can get at Home Depot.

Kind of like craving very hot wings, and getting some with barely any heat at all.


I’ve been in this boat as well, having tried a few distributors into a Stellar P3 in my second system. To date my favorite one for the money is the Pangea Octet Premier XL. Premium Audi-grade receptacles with gold-plated beryllium copper contacts and Cardas Grade One Copper internal wiring for $350. With a good aftermarket AC cable, I couldn’t tell any SQ differences between something plugged direct into the P3 Vs into the Octet which was then plugged into the P3.

I had the same issue with the P3. Never had enough sockets.

Putting items on a multiplug or strip can often defeat the object, because one of the main features of mains distributors is isolation of components (CCI : cross-contamination isolation). Components throw noise back into the electrical supply, sometimes more than is coming in from outside.

How many isolated pairs or single sockets is usually the first thing I look for.

When I had my P3 I also used my Olson Sounds Fantastic power distribution unit. I bought it over 20 years ago and still use it.
Olson started making these units in 1971 and supply all sorts of industries, they started in the radio business in 1961. I also have the more recent ifi Power Station, that does much the same thing (maybe more?) for £500 ($600?).
Just plug it in the wall next to the P3 and use mainly for the digital components.

The power issues are different for different types of component, but in my experience (I’ve used Olson, Isotek, PS Audio and Shunyata, often at the same time) the best way to get the best digital is to keep electrical noise as low as possible, which can be done relatively cheaply, and putting digital components on a common unisolated supply is probably not a good idea.

There are some manufacturers who advise against using any mains treatment because the device’s power supply treats the incoming power. Linn amplifiers, for example. Those components can go straight in the wall, saving P3 sockets.

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Boy, I agree with nearly everything you’ve stated here. I’ve had a Stellar P3 since it first went to market, and one of the first things I heard initially from here on this forum and elsewhere is to definitely not plug in any strip (doesn’t matter how passive or otherwise) into it for the very reasons you’ve illustrated. I was running out of outlets as well at the time (have since simplified a bit) and thought to implement a NANA CablePro strip, which is as passive as it gets, and it was not advisable. I’ve since understood why but at the time was a head-scratcher.

Fast-forward to today and I’ve toyed with the idea of using an ultra-isolator either before or after the P3 but am hesitant for a myriad of reasons, even though theoretically one of those options might mitigate a great deal of common- and normal-mode noise (or noise caused by the P3, itself). As a recent experiment, I’ve split the difference and pulled my Chord DAC and the Hynes LPS feeding it from one of the REGEN outlets of the P3 and plugged it into a balanced iso-tranny, which in turn goes into a small 125vA ultra-isolator into a separate, dedicated 20a circuit. It has only been a few days, but the overall change has been worthwhile in my subjective opinion. It’s subtle at its worst moments and altogether jaw-dropping at its best.