Power Regenerators and switched mode power supplies

I’ve a P10 regenerator and I’m receiving a new piece of kit that runs via a switch mode power supply.
Looking for advice as to whether the new unit should be plugged into the P10 or a wall socket?

Power Plants are fine with SMPS so if it’s something in the audio chain I’d plug it directly into the PP.

Fwiw, the biggest jump I got in sq with my stellar p3 was when I also connected my modem and router(both smps’s).

What is the kit? On smaller units with 9v and 19v SMPS, such as a router, I replaced the SMPS with a linear power supply at relatively little cost.

I’ve used two larger SMPS units, amplifiers from Linn and Devialet, with a conditioner (Isotek and Shunyata), regenerator (PS Audio) and into the wall. I would get a decent cable, try the alternatives and see what you prefer. The level of sophistication of these power supplies, and other brands, is such that there are no hard and fast rules what power treatment will or will not have a benefit. Some of these power supplies are indifferent to variable voltage, inductance, noise and spikes, and then some power treatment miraculously makes a noticeable difference.

New unit is Chord Electronics TT2 dac so power draw should be pretty small.
Looks like advice is to plug it into my P10.
I may try test between a P10 socket and a wall socket at some stage, once I get used to the sound of the new dac?
All my P10 sockets are used so something will have to be sacrificed to make room for the TT2.
I don’t think Chord recommends a linear power supply for their dacs, but it may be an option to keep all my current kit powered by the P10?
From the online manual the power supply is 15 volt, 4,000 mA.