P5 Latest firmware ?


my P5 propose the 0.0.32 firmware : is it the latest one ?

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I have attached the latest of which I am aware. The date on the file is my own reference, not PS Audio’s, and is not official in any way.

Attached files /FileUpload/17/a3d00551c099d48c5abb96d66cafcf.zip (537.1 KB)Â

Thank you !! I will have a look.

The problem is that when I’m connected to Powerplay, no FW update is shown and when I look to my registered products, the system tell me that I could upgrade to the 20 and 21 FW !!

I downloaded the “21” FW but not able to install it with a SDcard : I reboot but no update proposed…

Remember, you need to unzip the file and then load the individual files on the root directory of the SD card. Then also be certain to insert the card with the shiny contacts facing up.

Ah ok ! I think the issue is that I put the sd card “in a normal way” meaning the contacts facing down…I will test.

It is easy to do and a very common issue. It feels upside down.