Hi guys,

I buy a P10 a year ago and never update the firmware.In fact, my P10 is not connected to internet.

Is necessary to update the firmware if i use the P10 only for feed my front end?the update improves the sound quality of the connected gear or is only to get new functions?

Thank you all


Pablo from Argentina


Nope. Not necessary at all.


Thank you Mr. McGowan 77_gif


Of course it is not necessary to connect the P10 to the internet in order to update it. Merely copy the update onto the SD card, insert it in the P10 and turn it on. It will automatically update.


Paul, will there be a firmware update for the P10 and P5 that is the same or similar to the new P20 firmware?


I just received a brand new P5. If I’m reading the display correctly, it already has firmware .46, whereas on the download page on this site, the most recent is .41. I’m new at this, so I may be misunderstanding…


Welcome, Andrew!

New units leave PS Audio with the latest firmware. It is possible there is a newer firmware than that posted in the downloads section. I must defer to them in answering this specifically.

My PowerPlant reads .41 when checking the initiation screen so you may well have something newer.

Good find!


We have yet to decide what we’re doing with software. I’ve been traveling (still am) and then all the website trouble. Sorry. Let us get things back to normal and then we’ll be making some decisions.


It would be neat to have some display options for the older P10 / P5 units if possible. The needle gauges are kinda cool.


Paul, any more thought to an update for the P10 firmware to add more useful eye candy like in the new P15?


Not so far. We may not be able to do it because the measuring systems are so different but I am working on it.