A fine discussion with Bill Low of Audioquest


An 1:54:15 I just do not have to spare. His cables speak to me in much less time, ha!

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As a person with severe ADD, they simply have too many different offerings for my attention span to be able to make a choice.


I listened to about half of this interview, and I found it very interesting. The following sections were especially interesting to me:

13:04 - Humans are phase-sensitive instruments
16:00 - First-order vs fourth-order crossovers
1:22:16 - Problems with ABX blind testing


I took a tour of the AudioQuest facility in Irvine last year with my audio club. Bill Low took over for part of the tour and he came off as a really down to earth guy that was very eager to answer all of our audio questions - not just the ones about his company.


I was curious about Bill Low so I watched the interview last night.
I kinda liked Bill. His technical comments on cable construction were interesting but not revelatory. His cables are not my favorites.
And Ken Micallef spent a lot of time reading his notes and ignoring Bill while he was speaking. KM seemed unprepared.

agreed re KM

Bill Low spent most of his comments not on cables but on philosophies of hifi

Old Guys doing these interviews on YouTube and not chopping them up into 20min. chunks. I started watching it but lost interest real quick.

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Does Bill talk about the philosophy of his Ferrari in the video? :money_mouth_face: