A humble request for prayer


And I use friends deliberately because there is no audio community like this one. You are all so kind and thoughtful. I’m only a Sprout owner, and yet when speak here, you treat me like I’ve got a full BHK setup with IRS Vs and a DirectStream. And that means a lot for a guy with nothing more than a Sprout, a Peachtree, some LS50s and a pair of ELACs. So, thank you.

I was diagnosed Friday with cancer.

Although there is treatment for what I have, there is no cure for it, and my prognosis is currently not good, 10 years, tops.

I know not everyone is of the praying sort, but some are. For those that do-thank you. I know everyone is kind though, and positive thoughts are a prayer in themselves. I will take them all.

No pity, no tears. This has been a blessed life so far, and will be forever no matter how many days I am blessed with going forward.

God bless,
Mike D


You’re not alone Mike. I was diagnosed myself about 18 months ago with CLL. The initial shock can be tough but you’ll get through it and continue living life, perhaps with just a bit more vigor.

It helps me to keep in mind, any of us could be called back with just a moments notice. Cherish each breath!



I’m so very sorry. We are now brothers in blood cancer although mine is a myeloma. God bless, friend.

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I have absolutely said a prayer for you :pray:

None of us have a promise of a day, we are all dying. You have been made more acutely aware of the reality most humans are subject to daily, yet oblivious of.

10 years is a long ways out. New treatments could arise. And you are an individual person and those 10 year estimates are based upon statistical extrapolation rather than a crystal ball especially designed for you.

The Bhutanese have a spiritual practice in which they believe pausing 5 times a day to contemplate death increases happiness. In fact there is an iOS app called “We Croak” that reminds users of death 5 times per day with a meaningful quote. I have it, the alert says “Don’t forget, you’re going to die.”

I do not intend to make light of either the cancer or it’s treatment, as both can be a very tough road. Being more acutely aware of your mortality can bring about a very different understanding of daily life. Priorities become clarified, frivolous things that once seemed so important become less so. You tell people you love them more than see their faults.

Many blessings for the difficult treatments ahead, and may you come to see the light hidden within that darkness. The body may have cancer, but your spirit does not.


Please don’t believe that for one second! Your mind and thoughts, both positive and negative, can influence your health. Doctors told my dad he had 11 years to live after they discover he had prostate cancer, and he died exactly 11 years later to the month. And I don’t believe any doctor can make that accurate of a prediction into the future down to the month. My dad took his doctors prognosis to heart and it became his reality.

I’ve never been diagnosed with cancer, but I’ve encountered numerous doctors and Health care professionals who’s advice I wasn’t willing to except, and didn’t, but instead decided to get to the root of the problem, instead of taking their drugs which basically treats symptoms and not root causes. In every case, I’ve successfully healed my condition using safer alternative approaches. I have complete confidence that you can turn your health around, if you’re willing to make radical changes in your diet and lifestyle.
Do not surrender to your doctor’s prognosis.

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My partner of 20 years passed away from ovarian cancer when I was 40. In my experience, the stage of the cancer has a big influence over what sort of alternative treatments might work. Someone with stage 4 and only a month to live is unlikely to be helped by alternative treatments which generally require far more time. But with a diagnosis of 10 years to live, I’d absolutely explore alternative treatments, particular diet. Something like Gerson in San Diego might be worth exploring, though its not an easy treatment either.

Much is made about thoughts these days. The wise person pays little attention to thought itself, be it positive or negative. Those two work together to create delusions, the positive side is perhaps more deceptive than the negative. The good cop and bad cop both belong to the same precinct :wink:

When you join the perceived battle between the positive and negative, you become an unwitting accomplice to their mischief. Positive and negative appear to be opposites, but they are actually one in the same. If its energetic healing you seek, cruise right past thought entirely and turn to the spiritual, that which is beyond. That level contains an entirely different sort of power that marches to a very different beat.


You got it.

Be well.


My prayers with you. May you find peace on the road ahead.

You have my prayer. God bless and get well!

In 2003 Kris was told by her doctor she had 10 years to live. This is an older video, it’s now 16 years later and she’s still kicking.

Well said

My cancer showed up in 1997. I was told not to buy green bananas by 4 surgeons; my numbers were off the charts; a scale of 0 to 10, 100,000. I don’t remember a lot of 1997.
And here I am.
Bless you , Mike D.


Mike… While there is no current cure, do the regiment they recommend as NEW technologies are hitting the market literally weekly. Don’t give up or give in to it. My best friend was 4 years ago diagnosed with stage 4 lymthomic cancer with a 10% chance to make it a year… He beet the cancer into remission and earlier this year a cure was developed and he was in the drug trial and now cured.


Our thoughts and best wishes to you, Mike. Hang in there. Where there is life, there is hope.

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Mike, sending you good vibes and thoughts buddy! There are new developments in cancer research and treatment almost daily. Stay positive, enjoy life to the fullest, be healthy to yourself and try not to stress it too much.


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everyday one at a time. As others have said…follow the advice and do your course of treatment, have faith and stay positive. Thoughts and prayers. Kevin

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

My best wishes to you both. Believe in your future health and fight!

You are in our prayers Mike.

Just stay strong mate, and take good care of yourself. There’s no way this one is breaking you my friend -we’ll be reading your posts and contributions in this PSA space well beyond the 10 years. Make it 25!

You have my prayer too.
God bless and get well.