Your meds -

What medications are you using? (Out of necessity)

Clonazepam for me, my synapses turn into capacitors without it.

Venlafaxine (Effexor)
I suffer from crippling road rage (CRR).
This drug allows some to end their day alive and undamaged.

A few drops of cannabis oil per day keeps my doctor away


43 meds a day plus a couple injections a week and the patches


The logistics alone would be mind-numbing.


iPhone alarms are the key, I have 6 vials that i fill for times during the next day and reminders for the patches (every 72 hrs) and the injections (weekly). I have only screwed up a couple times in 4yrs.


Zip zilch zero. Food is my medicine.


Just started taking Flowmax for Prostate issues. Other than that just some vitamins and supplements. Pretty lucky to have made it this far without any prescription drugs. My family has a raft of health issues that should sooner or later also affect me. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the scariest.

I’m somehow fortunate. 63 years old and I take nothing except good food and supplements.

Not to say I couldn’t use some flowmax and Motrin. Instead, I will a) be patient, and b) suck it up, respectively.

I have been lucky and take no medicines. I work out regularly but counter with a drink (or two) with a dash of audio.

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Best medicine daily for me is the Holy Scriptures!

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.


Yikes! I’d be too full to eat anything

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The interesting thing is that if I were to stop taking clonazepam, after a few days I’d have horrible audiolinguistic synaesthesia/hallucinations, but strictly in terms of audio. My hearing loses its normal restrictions of what to consider “audible” out of barely audible sound and interprets those signals as voices. When listening to music it sounds like there’s some lunatic’s HAM radio faintly in the background. Not fun.
But I trust schizoaffectivity combined with a rational mind lends to some creative intellectual benefits.

65 and no prescription meds. No glasses or hearing aids either. I’m lucky and know it. I’ve been lucky in love and in health. Other ways. . .not so much.

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Zero presciption meds here and doing everything I can to keep it that way. Leaves more greenbacks in the piggy bank for my HE audio toys.


Looks like the right pill for these times :exploding_head:.

They sold CBD-A oil in natural product stores like half a year ago here, then they had to BAN EVEN THAT.
Obviously it only took 30min in an oven to turn it into CBD, but come on… CBD-A is not psychoactive, it’s really just an anti-inflammatory.
I did the oven trick a few times. Sublingually, CBD really was the nr.1 medicine in my books. Better anxiety relief than any benzodiazepine.

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I find bromelain tincture daily gives me more relief than many cannabinoids, thc not withstanding.

vit d daily too, also a tincture.

Food is medicine, many have simply forgotten or never learned and experienced what nature can do.

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