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Hello, I am new in hi-fi world and I write from Italy, so sorry for my english and if my questions are silly. I just got a sprout 100 and I am very happy with it. Huge improvement in sound quality. Now I want to buy a cd player and I wonder which is the best for the sprout with a budget around 500 $. I mean, the ampli already has a great DAC so I don’t need a good DAC also on the cdp or do I? Neither I need wireless connectivity or headphone connection on the cdp because I already have them on the sprout. Maybe a cd transporter would be great but they are too expensive. Which is the best way to connect cdp to ampli soundwise? I was thinking of something like Denon DCD-600 or maybe Marantz CD6007. What do you think? Thank you very much.

Any Oppo you can find in your price range. The 203 and 205 were the final models they produced. Many people use the 205 or 105 as their preamp for very expensive amplifiers in a theater system. I have a 205.