CD playback question

Yesterday, I came across a Technics SL-PG390 CD player. It was literally sitting in the street, having been thrown out by its previous owner. Since I’ve missed having dedicated CD player, I took a gamble and brought it home. Turns out that it’s fully functional, so I’m probably going to keep it. As far as I can tell, it’s very good and sturdy for a budget player.

But this also got me thinking. The CD player only has analog and optical outputs, meaning that connecting it to my Sprout via digital is going to need a bit of fiddling. I’d need a decent optical cable and an active optical-coax converter, but would I just be introducing a weak link into the chain? And, ultimately, would it even be worth the hassle? The Technics unit has a MASH 1-bit DAC and, so far, CD playback sounds really good through its analog outputs. And I’m bearing in mind that I could always just rip my CD collection to my computer and use the USB input for superior playback, should it turn out that there’s a noticeable difference.

Looking forward to reading your input. Thanks in advancesmile

The DAC inside Sprout will likely be better and you can purchase a TOSLINK to coax adapter cheap. However, if you like the sound already, just connect it to Sprout through the analog inputs.

Thank you for your answer, Paul!

Based on what you write, I’ll probably invest in a cheap optical-coax adapter and connect the CD player digitally. Based on how well my Sprout has performed so far, it’s worth that much.