AC-12 power cord


From their site via my laptop as well. Seems they finally have run out. I may be responsible, I bought so many. :wink:


Just discovered this thread. Yikes - never thought my AC-12 cable (purchased off of Audiogon) might be a fake. It looks really nice.

@adminpaul - could you take a look at these pics and let me know?



Hard to say for sure but the fact you have the long barrel suggests they are legit. Most of the fakes we’ve seen had shorter barrels.


Thanks for responding, Paul. That is at least encouraging.


I bought one couple of months back to use it with the BHK Preamp and this thread got me thinking confused

Is there a definite way to find out if one is a fake or not ? Mine looks like this



That looks authentic. It’s the long barrel that the counterfeits don’t have.


Thank you Paul. Appreciate your response.


IMG_0153.JPGIMG_0155.JPGNow , I’m getting nervous with this fake cord business . I’ve order a few from Amazon , I can’t wait for slow shipping , and my cord ends are looking on the short side. Can anyone tell me if these look fake to anyone. I mean it’s not like I got them cheap , same price as this site.

Ps audio? Perfect wave ac 3


Just measured my AC-3 that came direct.

2.75 inches on the amp side - it was still plugged in so that is measuring the plug from the plastic edge right next to the amp and going to where the braid starts.

On side plugged into outlet, same thing, from edge of plastic to braid is just short of 3 inches, probably 2 and 13/14 inches.

The AC-3 and AC-5 barrels aren’t as long as the AC-12.


I think my measurements are pretty much the same . I hate bending over ,bad back n knees and I hate measuring even more . So, I’m feeling a

bit better (thank you ),but will be ordering my next ps audio direct . Hopefully , Mr. McGowan can tell from my picture ,if they are legit or not.

Regardless, my next Ps Audio cables will be order direct .


PSAudio-034.JPGPSAudio-017.JPGI just fell for the 'ol “if it’s too good to be be true, it probably is” ploy.

I was on EBay and stumbled upon a PerfectWave AC-12 for $135… Said it was “used”… From China… I should have known better.

I paid the $135 + $25 for shipping and it actually arrived fairly quickly. It came in a simple cardboard box with no marking of any kind. My initial impression was “WOW” this is a great looking and feeling cable. I looked closer and it was obvious that this cable was not used at all. The ends were carefully wrapped in plastic etc… No scratches or marks on the male end. That made me very suspicious.

I searched on the web and found threads regarding Counterfeit AC-12’s (who knew?), but I felt better because my cord had the longer barrel ends (shorter ones were known to be fakes).

I contacted Duncan at PSAudio and asked about methods to prove these were fakes or not… He suggested I weigh the cable… I did and it was 2.6 lbs… It should weigh 3.5 lbs (2 Meter cable)… = FAKE !

I contacted the seller and told them the weight was incorrect and he tried saying I got a bare cord and the box weighs 1 lb to = 3.5lbs… HA!

I confronted the seller several more times and I was refunded my $. For the heck of it, (Damn Curious) I cut it in half to see what was going on inside.

It’s just a typical 3 wire configuration. Junk.

If someone tells me how, I’ll upload photos.

Be careful out there,



Great to hear it worked out OK for you.

Photos are easy. :slight_smile:

When making/editing a post, there is a big blue button (a/k/a BBB) at the bottom of the editing window labeled “Attachments.” Click on this and another window opens labeled “Select Files.” Drag your photos into the middle of this window, or select them using the “Add Files” button. Then click upload. Allowed photo types are jpg, jpeg, gif, and png.


Well at least you took it in stride. The minimum would be to give them negative feedback, but I would contact eBay and explain everything you did to confirm it was a fake, they should (emphasize “should”) refund your money. Yes, and pigs do fly! (I know a guy, who knows a guy, who’s seen it!).


I’d sure like to see photos of your cable postmortem.

This could all be avoided if cables had transparent jackets and insulators or tiny “windows of authenticity” through which you could peer at the innards.


Sadly I fear the counterfeiters would find a way to counterfeit the “windows of authenticity” as well.


Thank you ELK for the “adding photos” advice… I added a couple.




And superbly crisp, illustrative photos they are.

Sobering to see the fake internals.


The photos certainly leave no doubt that the cable is a fake. It’s sad that so much of this nonsense goes on.

austinpop said

Just discovered this thread. Yikes - never thought my AC-12 cable (purchased off of Audiogon) might be a fake. It looks really nice.

@adminpaul - could you take a look at these pics and let me know?


I’m resurrecting this post. Back in March, Paul had responded to these pictures that while it was hard to say for sure, the long barrels suggested these were genuine. Also, this cable came in a very authentic-looking PS Audio box, which I will have to dig up and post a picture of. I will also weigh the cable to see if it is indeed 3.5 lbs.

My reason for this repost is that I just saw a negative review about the Audiogon seller from whom I bough the cable. His claimed name is James Allen, and his Audiogon id is “westernwoods”.

Somebody posted that they called PS Audio, and that this guy was selling fake cables. Since then, the seller seems to be inactive.

Has anyone else here bought from this same seller? Do you feel your cable is “real?”

I have a sinking feeling that my cable, despite the slick package, and the long barrels, may be a fake.


I just weighed the cable. It is 2lb 14oz.

Here are a couple of pictures of the box it came in: