Is this sweet AC-12 genuine or fake?

This used 2m AC-12 is being sold on Ebay. [ Unfortunately i will never have the cash to buy a new one from an authorized dealer, sorry]. Could someone tell from the pictures if it’s genuine or not? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there’s no way I know from the outside. They do a really good job of faking it.

Thanks for your reply, Paul, much appreciated.

If you have the box, read a line on the back possibly 4 down that addresses “conductors” the fake box says “conductiors”

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I asked the seller for a picture of the back and they sent a rather blurry one :wink: …I seem to read “conductiors” there, though. It looks identical to the one that was recently sold on Audio Mart, which supposedly was “guaranteed authentic”…

Yep. If accurate as a tell for fakes, take a pass; because this box definitely has the misspelled word, “conductiors” on it.

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Yeah, I definitely won’t bid on it. …God, if it’s so frustrating for us buyers, I can’t imagine how infuriating it must be for the people at PS Audio!

Thanks everyone, this has been really useful.

Looks like somebody bought it.

Sadly. :frowning:

Here’s what mine looks like. Bought it from a dealer, Parts Connexion.

Not yet - I’m talking about this one:

Auction ends in 4 days and it’s already at €188. I told the seller that it’s fake and by way of explanation he replied that he’d got in on ebay three years ago… Notice how it’s only payable via bank transfer (usually the seller accepts PayPal) and no returns are accepted.

Unfortunately some unsuspecting person will purchase it. Good thing you did your homework first.

Agreed. It’s blurred but it does look like conductors is misspelled, something we never did. I’d call it a fake.

Additionally there are several missing green check marks on the back of the box. The AC-12 and the AC-10 should each have one for “Direct Gold Plating over High Purity Copper Connectors”. The AC-5, AC-3, Jewel and Plasma should each have a check for “OFC High Purity Copper Conductors”. The Plasma should have one for “Thin, right angle wall connector”. And finally each cable, excluding the Jewel, should have a check mark for “Removable ground pin”.

I’ve been seeing a bunch of discounted Bryston gear being sold in Hong Kong. Definitely a red flag.

Hello Paul!
I can buy a used PerfectWave AC-12 cable for a low amount. The seller has no box and no proof of purchase.
I received an information from him: "The length of the plugs on both sides is basically the same (from the beginning of the cover to the end of the metal pins) and it is 115 mm. Weight 1.4 kg. Could it be an original or a fake? Cordially you Robert.

You need to specify the length. That might be too high for a 1m but too low for a 2m - is it 1,5m? Someone with a genuine 1m, 1.5m or 2m ought to weigh their cable to help you.

It sounds like an original because of the equal length but, unfortunately, there’s no guarantee. Some of the fakes looked identical.

The cable in question is 2 meters long, I did not buy it because I think it is a fake due to the very low amount.

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if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is

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