Genuine PS Audio AC 12?

Hi there, would you say that this AC 12 is genuine PS audio? I am going to buy it from a private seller and since there are so many counterfeit example I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks

You can’t tell from the image provided.

Information is here:

Is it possible to asses the originality of the cable by inspecting the box? Faked cables come with perfectly faked boxes? :slight_smile:

It certainly looks legit but that’s no real way to tell. Counterfiters are good.


There were two grammatical errors on the back of the box of the fake I purchased, if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what they were. You should be able to find the old thread on this topic.

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The most obvious one is “conductiors” instead of the correct “conductors”


Here there are two pictures of the box. The spelling error is on the back (conductiors).
So, I guess that there is no doubt; this is fake :frowning:

Also why are there no check marks for the OFC conductors? That should have check marks on some of the lower end cables.