AC-12 power cord


I know PS Audio is a great company and they do more for the audio community that anyone I can think of. But… they make three power cables (AC-3, 5, 12) in three different lengths (1, 1.5 and 2M) so if they put a picture of each one of the three cables on their website with the appropriate weights for each length that would go a long way towards detecting the fakes. The downside is then the counterfeiters would then know how heavy to make the fakes???


The fake AC12 I bought looked exactly like the real thing. Posting pictures would help the counterfeiters.


I only x-rayed the suspected fake…I didn’t have an x-ray of a genuine cable to compare it against, that would have been another $50. But the x-ray didn’t look like the cutaway diagram of the cable in the promotional material.

I still don’t understand…$1000+ cable and no serial number, no certificate, and nothing else to make it more difficult to copy. All my Crystal Cable cables have laser etched serial numbers and certificates with holographic anti-counterfeit measures. Admittedly they are $10,000 cables, but still, it’s not that difficult to put a serial number on something, or to put an RFID chip in the moulded barrel.


Huh! DO you think a Crystal Cable “Ultimate Dream” power cable will make my Sprout sound better?


Probably not…


Got this in email yesterday. Can’t say enough about PS Audio for doing this:

Dear PS Audio Customer:

We understand you purchased a PS Audio AC-12 2.0M Power Cable from James Allen, who lives in Holland, Michigan. If you did so, there is a possibility that your PS Audio AC-12 2.0M Power Cable is counterfeit. PS Audio filed a lawsuit against Mr. Allen in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 1:18-cv-00206-STV, for selling counterfeit PS Audio Power Cables. In this lawsuit, PS Audio claims that Mr. Allen’s sale of counterfeit PS Audio Power Cables repeatedly violated the Lanham Act.

A counterfeit product does not in any way represent the fine quality offered by authentic PS Audio gear. You are receiving this email because you purchased a PS Audio AC-12 Power Cable from a seller who may not have been an authorized PS Audio dealer

PS Audio would like to thank you for your interest in our products. We are—and always will be—committed to your positive customer experience. For this reason, Each and every customer who bought a PS Audio AC-12 2.0M Power Cable (or multiple) that is presumed counterfeit is receiving this email.

To be clear, you did nothing wrong. We simply feel bad that you were taken advantage of when trying to purchase PS Audio products. But, never fear, we’re going to make this right by you.

We want to fix this. As we conclude a lengthy and extensive legal process, our goals are to—

Prohibit future illicit sales anywhere in the Domestic or International Marketplace.
Disrupt the counterfeit-process on the supply-side. And, most importantly…
Get you guys some replacements free of charge as a way of saying thanks for your patience.

PS Audio is the designer of these cables, and it’s our job to make sure the marketplace is free of nefarious counterfeiters.

Additionally, we must get these bad cables off the street, and we must get proper cables in your system. If you purchased multiple, we will replace multiple.

In order to complete this process, we will need just a little info from you. Here’s the scoop:

Please reply to this email (to with the invoice you for your PS Audio AC-12 Power Cable.
We will write you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).
Please return the cable(s) to us here in Boulder.
Once received, we will prove it’s a counterfeit and send out your replacement.

This process will take some time to complete: we will not be able to ship your authentic replacement until July 2018.

Our customers come first, and we wish to thank you for putting your trust in us. On behalf of PS Audio, please accept our sincere apology for letting this happen! And please accept our apology for any negative listening experience which may have arisen as a result. We can do better, and with your kind permission, we’d like to make this right.

We look forward to your reply email, and please do not hesitate to call should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

All the best, from your PS Audio Customer Service Team,

Customer Service Team | PS Audio
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
Ph 866-406-8946 | Direct 720-402-3941 ext 2 |


Also PSA replaced my fake AC12 with a new 2 meter cable. I can tell you that the THD into my P10 has dropped a few points since I installed the cable. Nice improvement.


Awesome! PS Audio is a stand up company!


AMEN, indeed.


PS Audio is run by an amazing group of honorable, hard working, and caring people. Truly a rare commodity these days. Hats off once again! Can we get a round of applause please! :clap::clap:


I would also like to thank PS Audio for their unexpected largess in this matter. I too, was the fortunate beneficiary of Paul’s decision to make this right. I’ll gladly be a PS Audio customer for life!


Their customer service has always been extraordinary but this takes things to a new level. Bravo!


Thanks, guys!:grinning::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


I am in the process right now of selling off all of my existing power cables and swapping over to AC12s and AC5s because of the way that PSA has handled this situation. I figure that a company this great deserves my support. I have one more to swap and I will be done.


I got the letter too.
It would be very helpful if PS Audio could post the measured length of the authentic connectors and the weight of the various lengths, as I have several AC12 power cords.


When you say “you” who are you referring to?


There’s one for sale on A’gon right now from a guy in Michigan. I declined the counteroffer after reading this, just too much risk.


At this point if I don’t buy direct from PS Audio I don’t buy it.


That’s the safest way to go.


I try to buy used in two scenarios: there’s something I want to try, but want to leave open an option to resell if it doesn’t work out and not be too upside down; or I simply can’t afford new for the product I’d like to have. In this case I’d love to try an AC12 but can’t afford an $800 power cable, at least not right now.

Of course one takes on the risks of buying from someone other than an authorized dealer or the manufacturer, but I’ve been lucky - and careful - enough to get great deals on things I couldn’t otherwise afford to try out or enjoy in my system.