AC3 Power Cable Loose Fit to Socket

My AC3 cable plug fits very loosely in the electric outlet. The AC3 plug end is large and heavy so it drops down and almost pulls itself out. I stuffed a few bits of cardboard in the socket to see if that would help (just kidding).
Any better suggestions?

If it is out of sight, try cutting a paper towel tube or two to a height that will allow you prop up the plug and/or cable such that the weight/tension is relieved at the outlet.

Good luck.

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Just a thought. Have you considered replacing your outlet? I had a similar issue with a Shunyata power cord to my amp. Replaced the outlet, problem solved. The outlets in my wife’s condo were cheap junk. I ended up replacing all the outlets at her place. The plug should fit tight in the receptacle with no sag or looseness what-so-ever. There should be some resistance when removing the plug.

@coopermedical: If you take “weedeewop’s” advice, PS Audio’s own offering provides a near lock-tite grip on cable plugs in my experience.

I use one of these in my system: Power Port Classic Receptacle


I have several PSA Receptacles and found that their grip is great. I originally purchased them to install in my dedicated 20 AMP circuit.

You could try the Furutech idea which they tell you to install the outlet upside down. The cord stays in place better

I bought two of these power ports many years ago but never got to use them. I still have them, I’d like to use them, but I just don’t have the face plate and wall box necessary to complete the installation. And I’m not sure where to buy them.

i had the same issue…
SOLUTION: wrap black electrical tape 1.5 times around the plug…that’s what i needed with Analyst Plus Ultimate power cables into my MSB gear…

best of luck with it!

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FYI, the issue is at the wall; not the component end. Can electrical tape still help?

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thank you for pointing that out…i missed that it was an issue at the wall socket…

i’m not qualified to answer your question…sorry

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I agree with the suggestions of replacing the wall outlet, and with something better than the standard outlets. I use Hubbell Hospital Grade outlets as they grip the plug much better which has the primary purpose of a lower resistance connection. Hence your expensive power cable will perform even better! These Hubbell outlets cost somewhere in the range of $10 to $20, not cheap compared to standard outlets which cost less than a dollar, but less than the PS Audio outlets.

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Everything Hubbell makes is high quality AFAIK. We use their products exclusively for maintenance in the shop. Leviton also has a high quality line but you have to be vigilant.


Those Hubbell outlets are a good way to start with out laying out to much $$$… They are very effective in my experience. Pricing has gone up since I last purchased them. Also, Home Depot may no longer carry them.

Albert Porter has them available on Audiogon as well, I have used these and recommend them as well as the Hubbell IG8300:

Just a note, you need more knowledge to properly install an isolated ground receptacle than installing a standard, self grounding, receptacle.

Also important to know the different requirements between NM (Romex) and EMT (standard metallic conduit). I live in a heavy EMT area but NM is much more common in homes across the country.

You are correct, it must have a dedicated ground wire. My assumption in advising an outlet upgrade is a qualified electrician would do the installation.