Can anyone compare the AC5 to the AC12?

I am thinking about changing the power cable on my DirectStream DAC. While I would like to just stick an AC12 on it I can’t really afford that cable so I was thinking about the AC5. The AC12 is so darn heavy that it might not be the best choice for my layout either as the DAC is on a higher shelf and the weight of the cable could be a factor. So I was seeking opinions from those of you that own both the AC5 and AC12. How much am I giving away in performance by going with the AC5 over the AC12? Given that this is a DAC which has a lower power input requirement than does say a BHK amp I would think that the AC5 would be an ideal mate. Your thoughts?

That’s a toughie because while I understand the need for an easy answer I always struggle with the words “how much” and how to describe that and place it in perspective. My “how much” is different than your own. I would say the difference is not so great that I would hear it just walking in the room if someone switched it on me without telling me. I couldn’t say that about quite a few other things, but this I probably could. So, maybe that help.s The two would be close.

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Thank you Paul.

I’ve got AC-3/5/10/12, and a full set of the xStream AC series. AC5 is the sweet-spot of all of them. If you don’t already own a power plant the money is better spent on one of those than an AC12.

Thanks. I already have a P10 with an AC12 connected to it. This is a replacement for an existing cable on my DAC. I am about to pull the trigger on the AC5.