Active Speakers. One or two Power Plants?

Wondering if anyone has experience or thoughts on two active speakers being far apart. I’m using a Power Plant P5 and either planning to upgrade to:

  1. Either a single P12 with long cheap power cables to each speaker.

  2. Two Stellar P3, one for each speaker with 2 audiophile Shunyata power cables…one from each P3 to each speaker.

The speakers are Kef LS50W, ( probably high efficiency switched mode power supply… SMPS) so I don’t see a power limitation on the P3. Perhaps the two separate P3 might be better as it would isolate the electrical noise between the smps between the two speakers?

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Hey Kamil welcome to the fun!!

You didn’t tell us which amps etc you are running and
possible future upgrades…so please fill us in to better
help you.

Choosing the appropriate regenerator size requires considering future
amp upgrades and sources…

P12 gives more flexibility for future upgrades as well as better performance…

P15…will pretty much ensure you have a substantial enough power
supply for future upgrades.

Happy trails

These are active speakers streaming directly from the internet so the amp is built in…No preamp, and my server set up via a MacMini is connected directly to the wall in another room. I think they are rated at max 250w per speaker, class A/B and class D… one for tweeter and the other for midrange/woofer.

However, under normal listening conditions, my P5 driving both speakers shows a power draw of about 100 watts on the panel. I’m pretty sure I won’t need more than one P3 per speaker.

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Two P3’s is all you need and they won’t even be working hard with that load. You can worry about what you might need in the future when the future comes around.

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Looks like it. Still wondering though if anybody had any practical experience in terms of using multiple power plants to isolate power supply noise between components.

For example, Shunyata Denali claim to isolate by 40 or 50db between sockets from within a single unit. This would be about the same cost as 2 x P3S.

I remember one video where Paul McGowan recommended one P20 per monoblock amp in a stereo set up as better than a single shared P20. Wasn’t sure if this was for more power reserve or noise isolation.