Adopted Powerplant 5 IP Predicament

So I snagged a Powerplant 5 off CAM (Canuck Audio Mart) and have one conundrum - the previous owner had a static IP set and that IP does not fall into my network range - it has a static IP of and my entire network is… So I have a red globe and I am unable to log into this thing or change the parameters. Anyone Powerplant hackers know a way to change that IP or return it to DCHP?

I would try factory reset!

Or reinstall Windows.

As far as I can recall (I used to own a P5), there is no factory reset option. There is a reset button to use if the unit shuts down due to drawing excess power, but I don’t think that is a total factory reset. I suggest calling PS audio tech-support about this.

If you go into the set up screen (see the end of the manual for how to do this) there is an option that displays the web connection information. I’m not sure whether you can change it from that screen or not. (The manual is available online if you didn’t get one with your unit.)

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I did not find a factory reset procedure; I’ve tried the setup thing: restart & touch the screen after the initialization splash - as per manual - about ten times…apparently that procedure is beyond my skills as a human. I’ve even tried tapping that screen like it was the F9 key trying to get in to a windows 3.11 BIOS… My next attempt is to plug a laptop LAN cable directly to PP5 and see if it will log that IP.

Sent an inquiry to PSA, should hear back soon.

The guy I bought it from moved to Costa Rica - I think I’d best perhaps go visit him for a lengthy discussion about it.

Sounds like a good plan. :+1:

One work around I can think of, is use a managed switch, and set the switch to the same subnet as the power plant, then change from there. Of course, that requires a spare switch.

SOLVED! After a kajillion tries at pressing the screen after the initialization screen I got a brief ‘Reset Defaults’ in the top right screen, if you press that quickly and accurately it does indeed reset the unit!
Thanks to all!


That is a lot of tries. :wink:

Glad you got it sorted…

It’s like the old joke:
“In the news today, six Brazilian solders were killed in combat.”
President (insert your least favorite): “Oh my god - that’s terrible! Wait, how many is a brazillion?” :laughing:

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