Possible to factory reset a P3?

I am having network issues with my P3. Specifically, I believe that my P3 is internally set to use a static IP address which worked with my old router. I now have a new router, which does not work with static IP addresses in the range I set for the old P3.

Ideally I would change the P3 network settings, but I can’t connect to the P3’s website to do so. First world problems :slight_smile:

An easy way to resolve this would be to reset the P3 to factory settings. Is it possible to do that, and if so, can it be done without access to the P3 website?

If there is no way to factory reset, it sounds like I can try to connect my P3 directly to a PC with a crossover cable (?).

Any help would be much appreciated!

P3 has internal web page which gives you the option to change the network settings.

There are a number of ways you can proceed.

If you know the IP under the previous network schema you can connect the configuration computer LAN port directly to the P3.

Let’s say the old IP was You will need to configure the IPv4 network settings of the computer to 192.168.1.x/ and you can then communicate directly with the P3. Using web browser just enter the local address of the P3 < > and you will get the webpages UI. From there you can change the network settings.

If you don’t know the IP of the P3 connect it to the network and check your “MyPS>Powerplay” to see if it’s reporting home. If not, use a network scanning tool like FING, but again the network scanning tool should be on the same network segment as the P3. When you discover the local address proceed as per above.

Thanks for the help; the solution you suggested worked perfectly :slight_smile: