Powerplant 5 not found

Hello everyone
Unfortunately, PS Audio support was unable to help me.
I assigned my Powerplant 5 a fixed IP 192.168.1.x a long time ago. With a new router, however, the new IPv4 address is 192.168.178.x.
As a result, the Powerplant address is displayed by the FritzBox, but is not accessible in the home network.
What is the possibility to access the Powerplant again?
Thanks in advance

I do not have a powerplant 5 but give this a try:
if you have a laptop/computer, set it with an IP address on the same network as the current powerplant IP 192.168.1.X (same network but not same IP as the powerplant)
Connect the ethernet port from the laptop with a network cable directly to the ethernet port of the Powerplant.
Then open a browser on the laptop and type the IP of the powerplant. You should be able to access the configuration and change the powerplant IP address at this point.
Once you save it, the laptop will be disconnected from the PowerPlant. Connect the Powerplant ethernet cable back to you switch/router.


What 2muchgear suggests should work but you will likely need either a crossover cable or a crossover adapter (either of which should be very inexpensive.)

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but you will likely need either a crossover cable or a crossover adapter

Potentially yes, but if you do not have a crossover cable or adapter, try it with a regular Ethernet cable anyway as most modern computer gigabit ports can auto sense the cable type and communicate anyway, so it may work (Not sure if the PP5 is built with a modern gigabit Ethernet port)

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It is a 100mb port so likely not, but I agree with you that it is worth a try

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Hello folks
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the tip, that may work. But I have a question. How do I set up the PC with Windows 10 so that it is in the same network as the Powerplant. I have never made this type of setting before. I also don’t want to destroy the existing network settings.

Finally had time to solve the problem.
I actually needed a crossover cable, as expected. With that and changing the IP I got access to the web interface of the Powerplant. I then changed the fixed IP assigned at the time to DHCP and everything is fine again.
Thank you very much for your valuable help.