Aesthetix Janus / Calypso

I am starting a new post so people can chime in on Janus mods, tube rolling, and experiences.

The OEM Sovket tubes 6922 got noisy after I move output jumper to -12 DB setting. I swapped out for a extra Gold Lion pair from my BHK 300 I had laying around. So I will roll out all the tubes in this unit at some point. But I can say I am really liking this unit now that it has about 100 hrs on it.

I remember that my Calypso needed at least 500 hours. And reducing gain should reduce tube hiss.
With the high gain setting, the tubes need to be very healthy.

It got super noisy with the -12 DB setting. My unit is NOS. Not sure what tubes they are using in current production. I thought I read somewhere they went to JJ’s?

The unit sounds better every morning. Been playing none stop since Wednesday 7 am. Mids less dry, bass is starting to tighten up a tad too

Once it has 500 hrs I’ll pop the BHK back in to see what I like better! I have Magnepan speakers coming, so that could change things?

Ron, not even burnt in yet, first 10 mins with the phono stage. I can say without hesitation. It is the best phono stage I have heard in my system. Here is what I had and sold:
Jolida JD-9 ( modded ) Rather good for the money.
Manley Chinook
Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl
PS Audio Nuvame Phono converter ( still use for transfer only with RCA inputs )

You’ll need a lot of patience. Only when you finally get those lovely Maggies situated to your liking and the pre , cables, etc burned in, can you tell. Minor details like tube rolling early on will just make it more difficult to establish a baseline, in my opinion.

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I agree, however when I heard tube noise ( cat scratching, and slight whirling noises ) between song, the tube has gotta go. Base line or not. I would want a bad tube to smoke the unit or others in the line.

I got the tube bump at start up to. Add this all started when I moved the jumps to -12 db

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Ron, ever since I bought my Janus, all of a sudden there are a bunch of the Calypso’s for sale. As low as 2K. So now maybe a great time to grab a mint used one for play

Funny, I had coffee this morning with a guy who lives nearby, who I sold an Atlas Signature amp to.
He’s switching to Constellation for his gargantuan Wilson speakers and I bought back the amp and his Calypso for an embarrassingly low price; he just wants it out of his wife’s line of sight. No idea what i’m going to do with all this stuff. Picking them up later today.

Sweet! Happy listening

I don’t plan to ever part with my BHK 300’s…well until the BHK 500’s come out. LOL

I might be interested in that Atlas if you decide to part with it :slightly_smiling_face: Black or silver?

silver. I’m going to play with it for a while.

Just received a second hand Calyoso. Sounds gorgeous. But I am experimenting considerable hiss, and some noise when I increase or decrease the volume (a soft pop, for each volume step). I think I am up to a tube rolling. Does anyone else ever experimented this kind of noise?

What tubes are installed on the main output stage?

Was the preamp a Signature?

Some Philips tubes. I’ve just put my stock bhk300 on them. New ones, as I am using upscale audio 7dj8 on the amps. Didn’t solve the problem

What amps are you using? What is the speakers rated at? DB? If over 91 DB, try the main board jumpers. move the jumpers to pin pairs to the two middle spots ( -12 DB )