Issue with my DS DAC Mk.I

My DS DAC (Mk.I) is going on 10 years now. It still sounds great but it’s exhibiting some anomalies. One is fairly irrelevant: a line has formed in the screen; the other is very weird. I have the DAC and transport plugged in to the same zone on the P12. I occasionally shut that zone down along with the zone my tube integrated is on. Recently, the screen on the DS DAC has begun to flash – with the power off! Not always, but sometimes. I have a video I can send that’ll help diagnose what it is.

I’m not ready to by Mk.II just yet, even though recently bought the AirLens and am preparing to ship back the Bridge II.

It may be power coming in thru the USB or I2S ports from another device that is still powered up.

My new AirLens is the only other I2S device in my system.

Are any of the other inputs on the DAC connected to other devices?

Yes, a coax cable from my Oppo BDP105.

I dont know if power goes across the coax or not but with that said theres not much more I can offer. Maybe call PS Audio tomorrow and ask someone there.