Tidal Connect

Tidal Connect has appeared and works nicely with my NAD home theatre device.
Could a firmware update add it to the Bridge? Or would Mconnect be involved?

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I’ve not heard of any update so you’ll still need to pipe Tidal through MConnect.

2nd this post… Tidal Connect sounds great! Love the simplicity of Spotify Connect with the DirectStream when listening casually… Hope PS Audio can add support in the near future via Bridge!

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Is Tidal connect the same type of thing as Spotify connect? Is there a way to set up a rpi as a Tidal Connect endpoint? When I had spotify premium I used volumio to stream spotify to a stereo controlled by my phone. The main system has a Auralic streamer, but I have an unused rpi that could be used in a second system for Tidal duties.


It seems to work exactly as Spotify Connect. I tried it because it was enabled in BluSound after a firmware up grade.


another DSD DAC owner hoping for a FW update to support Tidal Connect. PS Audio is behind and more competitors support Tidal connect every day.

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I rather think the DSD is not getting a lot of attention these days. Might be time to move on.

With new DSD firmware in the works I tend to disagree. Bridge II is Conversdigital third party, the DSD itself is just a pure dac without ethernet/upnp/airplay…

You guys need to send your requests to Conversdigital like wijber says. The Bridge II card is their device and Mconnect is their software package. Many companies like Ayre and Mytek use the same card and software.

Bump… tired of paying for roon. :joy:

I know the Mconnect app isn’t as good as Roon, but it is free.

It was perhaps an idea that PS audio had a setup of Roon / DirectStrem DAC made - with photos of setup for best sound for brigde and usb etc.(
setting for all formats, etc.)
It will be good customer policy and service - It is then set up below How To

More love Denmark

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I am streaming Tidal with a Bridge II running MConnect on an iPhone and it has begun ‘skipping’ on tracks. It also will not run through a playlist.

Any suggestions? It is doing this on two different iPhones, so it appears that is not the issue. Is the MConnect not compatible with the latest iPhone OS?

Sorry to dump this question here, but it underscores the need to have a rubust Tidal interface to enjoy the Directstream and Bridge. MConnect is really junk, sorry.

Have you restarted both the network and the DSD and do you have the same behavior?

I have restarted the DSD several times to no avail, but not the network. I’ll give that a try, good suggestion.

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I would love to add my support for this petition - if it is even being considered.

TIDAL Connect isn’t perfect but I can imagine it gets the job done for most who want to stream and uses the TIDAL app on the phone that most are already familiar with.

I may have terabytes of music from purchases and rips including HD and DSD music but these days, I tend to create playlists in TIDAL that I can use in the car, on the phone, it seems that it can easily take the place of an expensive Roon subscription with the DS DAC (that we needed to overcome the clunkiness of MConnect)