PWT art cover problem

Is it possible to display the cover art as is described in the PWT owner’s manual? I am doing something wrong probably and it doesn’t work for me although the song titles are correct. Help pleaseconfused

If you are getting track titles, it sounds like you are effectively connected to the Internet.

Make sure you have a clean SD card properly installed in your PWT. The card is necessary for cover art.

(I edited your topic title to include the word “art” to make clear the problem you are having. I hope this is OK.)

Elk thanks for a help! I really appreciate it… There were PWT firmware in the SD card, so SD wasn’t empty. Now everything works fine.


Excellent. :)

I still have issues with some cover art. I wonder sometimes if it has something to do with maybe how a CD is coded. I had one CD that gave me sort of a Chinese looking cover art which looked nothing like the actual cover. The track titles also appeared in some foreign language (or gibberish) that I could not decipher. After a few plays, the CD would not even play anymore. It would cause my PWT to freeze.

I then bought another copy of the CD from a different store just to see what would happen, and I don’t get the Chinese cover art, but I don’t get any cover art at all, even though I uploaded the correct cover art on my Playlist. I do get the track titles in English. There are a couple of other albums on which I get the track titles, but no cover art. On many others, however, I have no issue at all. It seems to be the more recently issued albums that I have experienced the most problems.