Albums You Want... But Do Not Own

I’m curious about physical albums or box sets we want but are out-of-print and / or we can’t bring ourselves to spend the money.

This could be a CD, SACD, DVD-A, Blu-ray Audio, Vinyl, 78s (physical media)


Though there were some issues with the London
Phase 4 albums…I enjoyed them immensly…today

Best wishes

I looked forever, but finally found… two CDs. Robert Johnson Close Personal Friend, and Sylvain Sylvain. After buying a few versions of Little Feat Dixie Chicken, I finally found one that sounded good.

RIght now I have everything I want (nice eh?). If I were to add my desires, I would buy every deluxe box set out there for the artists I love… but really, they are expensive and I am not sure I would really enjoy them.

Bruce in Philly

I need Dave’s Picks 1-12.

Bought 13-whatever in a batch off eBay, all sealed. (I’ve since opened and ripped them into my library.)

Just need to piecemeal the first dozen to complete the collection.

The MoFi or SHM-SACD of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, just not happening at current market prices of $100+.

St. Elmo - Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio (CD)

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The Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio St. Elmo on Eastworld LP is fine straight ahead jazz, just looked at DiscOgs pricing, I understand at >> $100 for the CD.

This one on Venus is also fine, and a bit more reasonable:


While not a MoFi, the 2022 Tamala reissue I have is more than satisfying.

Marvin Gaye


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Lent this one out and it never made it back into my collection.

On the hunt for this one as well, 11 CD box set, but at $1499, well I’ll just wait or go with a digital download on BandCamp:


Ivo Perelman Reed Rapture released as a digital download, and promised unfulfilled as a CD box set release. Some day maybe. Last word was end of summer release. I think the AirLens will hit the streets before this sees the light of day as a CD box set.

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I’d like to have the Miles Davis LP sets from Mosaic, especially Plugged Nickel. I was out of the vinyl playback game when they were in stock and I’ll not pay the prices that are asked for them now.

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Plugged Nickel
I have the LP set and understand. Should I decide to part with it you will be the first to know. Sheesh! I just looked up the price on DiscOgs, crazy prices for the box set!


Yes, crazy prices. Ta.

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A box set I really want but it’s not happening at least right now.

Alex North: Spartacus
6 CD Limited Edition Box

The one that keeps tempting me, but that I just can’t pop for, is the super-deluxe remixed Revolver box. I absolutely love the sound of the new mix on CD, but I can’t decide if I’d listen to all the demos and studio stuff more than once, making the $200 price of entry seem a little foolhardy. That’s if I remember the price correctly - whatever it is, I decided not to spend it, so don’t tell me I got it wrong and it’s only $189. It doesn’t change the calculus. :wink:

Interesting, the demos are why I bought it. I have only once listened to the proper re-mix and may never again (not that it’s bad): I’ve listened to the demos a lot.

It’s $139 on The Beatles US store. Just sayin…

That’s the CD version. I was looking at the LP set, which I see is now $154 at Amazon ($200 on the Beatles US store site).

The Elephant Table Album: a compilation of difficult music was a 1983 compilation album, released on Xtract Records. The double album was compiled by music journalist Dave Henderson following a series of articles by him in Sounds, the British music paper.

It is available here and there, but they want too much money for the dog-eared scratched copies that are mostly to be found.
It was popular amongst the “white punks on dope” people (literally, not the song) and tended to be as battered as their reggae albums and their Crass LPs :wink:

I have a cassette of the album made in the early 90s from a record library and digitised around 20 years ago so I can listen to it (and sometimes do).
One day the moment will be right :slight_smile:

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Not exactly for the reasons above, but I’ve wanted to own this incredible album on vinyl for the longest time:

The rub is, I’ve only been able to find it in the 10" EP version. That plays havoc with the vacuum hold down system of my Sota Nova V. Hence even in good condition and at a decent price, I haven’t been able to rationalize grabbing a copy. Fast forward to within the past month: I’ve just added the audiophile version of the Technics Grand Class SL-1210G DD deck to my stable. Not as a replacement, but to supplement my SOTA. No vacuum hold down problem with that TT, and I’m now actively looking for a good copy of Girl at Her Volcano. I consider this album to be even better than her signature album everyone knows about. Artistically. Sonically this disc is pretty darned spectacular as well.


Good point. I used to put a high value on owning a box set with discs of demos and outtakes but I listened them once at most.

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