Also sprach zarathustra

Great music. I have the Herbert von Karajan version and it sound so magnificent, even when is a 1959 recording!

Which version you like?

Amazing Richard Strauss composed this in 1896 inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche novel Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

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Analogue Productions SACD

1954 recording


1973 analog recording with terrific flute solos of James Galway

Blu-Ray Video
2014 recording

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My favorite is the old MFSL cutting of the 2nd Reiner. There’s a lovely glow to it.

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When choosing a version I was only interested in the first 2 minutes or so. I listed every version on Spotifu and played them until I found one that had an impressive organ in my room and decent tympani. Every room is different so I suggest you use Spotify because there are so many different versions. I went for a DG digital recording of Guiseppe Sinopoli conducting the New York Phil.

May I suggest you go beyond the first two minutes? My favorite part is the big peak at the climax of the 2nd section.

The Concertmaster’s violin solo in “The Dance Song” is quite beautiful, none more lilting than Michel Schwalbé’s waltz in the 1973 Karajan/Berlin Philharmonic recording above. You want it to go on forever.

I like this recording:

I purchased one of the very first CD player, a Technics SL-P10 and this inspection CD came with it. I upgraded my CD player to a Philips LHH-1000.

Also Sprach Zarathustra by Sieji Ozawa was featured. The low C note could shake the foundation of the house. I still use this CD after 35 years as a reference.

Circa 1989-90.