Analog input cables?


Wondering if any of you are using higher-spec analog input cables to your Sprout instead of generic ones that might come with a portable audio player that has a cheap 3.5mm jack to RCA L/R jacks.

Currently getting by with one (I’m using it with a DAC that has only has analog outs capable to connecting to the Sprout) but wondering if there are others who can recommend something reasonable with audible sonic differences (to you).

(Note: I’d rather this not devolve into a cable debate so please respond if you’re using any upgraded cable.)




I’m using the analog input for my TV and I’m just using a cheap RCA -> minijack cable for that purpose. I’d bought a bunch of Argon (Danish brand) cables prior so I was ready for the Sprout, but hadn’t bought one for this purpose, so I just grabbed what I had lying around. It sounds more than good enough to me, so I haven’t really considered replacing it with a higher-quality cable. Since it’s just a TV, I’m not sure if it’d even be worth the money anyway.


I’m also using a fairly cheap 3.5mm cable for my TV. I also have a toslink adaptor going into the coax from the tv, but really don’t see much of a difference so I use almost always switch to analog and leave my my Mac Mini (connected via USB) on 24/7.