Ambient light for dedicated listening room

I have a dedicated listening room where i had dimmers (controlled via WiFi) that I removed due to the noise they were adding.

I have 2 tube monoblocks and I am hoping to find couple of small fixtures I can place on the floor behind the those amps or behind the Mid/High frequency towers of my speakers for “listening ambience”.

Dimmable if possible, similar hue to that of the tube amps would be great.

Suggestions? (before I go DYI)

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Perhaps battery operated lamps with a dimmable led lights…There are dimmable leds
that can change color and color temp…these in effect would be out of you equipments
circuits and eliminate that noise source…

Hope this helps

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I have a Sylvania LED strip on top of the diffusion behind my listening position. I use the same thing in my home theater behind the console. Works great. Dimmable with several colors.


We use a couple of these 8" LED lamps in our listening room for ambient light. They are dimmable. These types of lamps are available in more than one size and they come in globes or square shapes as well.

LED Egg Light

Here’s an old photo of our room that shows an egg and a small square in use.

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I use these Sengled LED bulbs as my ceiling lights. They work well with the mobile app. You can set up several scenes which can turn on/off individual lights, adjust intensity, and be any color.

A star projector like this is also fun to change thing’s up!


Take a look at this thread, post 7017.
@Chops has the coolest lighting

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Which thread sir?

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Thank you for the kind words!

I think @adifferentpaul might be referring to this…

They look really cool through my Martin Logan SL3’s as well…

Okay, that’s enough showboating for one evening. LOL


Those are pretty neat! In my case they wont show through my IRS Beta. So are those LED corner lamps?

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Thanks. And yes sir!


Hello Brumtech,

Exactly what I have with the Sylvania remote. My LED tape is 144" long. It is draped behind my system rack, which is set into a wall niche. It plugs into a PS Quintet in the niche so it disappears with no visible wire or plug. My wife and I just enjoy a soft blue backlight halo coming through the rack. Bought it at Lowes. I got the idea from someone else’s system picture elsewhere on this forum.

Yours looks magical, because you were able to run the electrical wire out of sight along the side of or behind the diffusers. It appears integrated with the diffusers, rather than as another object in the room. Perfect.

  • Jeffrey in Philadelphia
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