Amir attacks DSD! What is wrong with this guy?

There must be something wrong with this Amir! He will do anything to undermine PS Audio and anything that they stand for. He now is going after the superiority of DSD to PCM. It is sick that he has followers who fall for his untruths.


Just ignore him. I avoid :poop: not because I am afraid, but because it is :poop:.


It’s called Marketing. It ain’t pretty🤠

Well, I just downloaded my first DSD256 file, and if it sounds good, I will be imagining it, along with the Cardas balanced cables from the dac to the preamp, lol

Selling ones soul to the devil, is probably more accurate! :thinking:

I only happened to see his latest attack as youtube puts his trash in the mix when you look at any of Paul’s videos. I would not wast a second of my time watching it. Only saw the listing and the mention of DSD.

Many here think he is a troll. So stop feeding him.


I too believe he is a troll and do not feed him, only wanted to make sure Paul was aware of his latest antics.

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How to distinguish between troll and cult leader?