Amp delay while using speakers and speaker amp for my electric guitar


I am trying to use my hi-fi speakers and amp to play my electric guitar through while jamming over songs from my ipad. Unfortunatley it seems the amp is causing a delay between when I pluck the string and when the sound comes out of the speakers.

I have an emotiva a100 amp and some elac desktop speakers. My DAC is a focusrite audio interface. The music comes from my ipad via spotify to the focusrite which goes to a little mixer I have. The electric guitar signal goes into a seperate channel on the mixer. (I do this so I can have better control over the guitar volume relative to the music since the audio interface has trouble with clipping) then the audio out goes from the mixer to the amp then into my speakers.

I think the amp is the culprit because when I take the signal from the headphone jack on the mixer into some headphones, I dont notice the delay.

I guess I just wanted to confirm that that an amp could cause delay in this situation. Maybe it could be the cheap walmart rca cable I have running from mixer to amp but that seems unlikely to me. Also if it is the amp is there a way to get it to go faster lol.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

turned out to be the cheap walmart cable. Guess alot of resistance? Oh well no need to reply :slight_smile: