System question: P10 and/or Direct to Wall AC? Room puzzle

I’ve been using a P10 for several years, and it’s been great. But now I’ve moved to a new listening space. Previously, EVERYTHING was plugged into the one P10. Source components but also: Vandersteen 5A speakers (subs) and McIntosh MC352 stereo amplifier.

The new set up has moved all components except the MC352 to the side of the room. For reasons of AC cord distance, now the Vandersteen 5A speakers are going straight to the wall behind them. The MC352 is still plugged into the P10, but I’ve had to use an inexpensive extension cord to get it there. Several dedicated lines will be installed soon.

So: What’s the best way to set this up? Vandersteen speakers + Mac amp straight into the wall? This would leave everything else going into the P10, far away at the side of the room. Or do I need/want another P10 or P15 to feed the two Vandersteens and the Mac amp? Is a 20 foot AC cable for the Mac amp too long? Can post a photo if needed, but for perspective, the Mac amp is on 25 foot XLR interconnects away from the rack (which is at the side of the room).


You’re describing my setup pretty accurately. On the one end of the room where the speaker and amps are, I have a Power Plant and, on the opposite end of the room, another Power Plant to feed everything else. That’s definitely the best choice is you can manage.

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Hi Jim, what about using your P10 for the speakers and amp, and getting a P5 or P12 for your source components and/or preamp?

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Yes, @nortonkp that is the direction I’m leaning right now. Unless I can locate a second lightly used P10 or better. That, and getting my electrician to run dedicated lines into this tricky room!

Thank you, @Paul!

Depending on your budget and availability, the P12 for sources and preamp might provide the best sound quality as the internal DAC, which produces the aignwave, was improved from a 10 BIT DAC to a DSD DAC on the P12, P15 and P20 over the P3, P5 and P10. Plus the compents you are looking to support do not need the power and/or headroom a P10 or a P15 provides.

I had a P10 and the technology offered by my current P20 was worthwhile in terms of sound quality.