Hi Guys,

Just made a discovery which I dismissed earlier on. I listened with a lot of appreciation to the PWD MK II in connection to a 2*8.5 watt 300B amp. In order to improve I tried a couple of mid priced speaker systems (Sonics around 6k€). After one hour I was done. This happened recently a number of times. I decided to look at the Amp upon he advice of my trusted Hifi dealer Hanze Hifi. I now connected their Class A tube pre-amp to a vintage Krell KSA-300S (300 watt Class A Solid State). Unbelievable! Listening here with a grin from ear to ear!! All I can say, doesn’t sound vintage but very perfect.

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What I would like to add: the speakers I use are reasonably high sensitivity with a linearized impedance curve. Thus with a 300B class A tube amplifier, I already achieved an extraordinary sound. However with a very good tube pre-amp and endless class A solid state power it seems to realize a step change in reproduction. Just wanted to let you know. It is kind of funny since I actually was never ever interested in those amplifier beasts. Now listening to an 80!kg monster.

But happy :smiley:


Interseting amp stand, how does it sound? :smiley:

Sorry, I am a bit out of practice, what amp is that? And… Are you ready for an upgrade to the new PS Audio amp in a few months? :slight_smile: Contrary to what many seem to believe, too much amp is NOT too much amp. :open_mouth: But… there is definitely such a thing as too little amp, even with high efficiency speakers.



The power amp is a 300 watt class A design from Krell.

You are right, this infinite amount of fast power (stable up to 2400watts at 1 ohm) seems to work. I wouldn’t have guessed it. With regards to the Amp stand, this is not a portable amp but more or less a “break your back-able” amp, so the dolly came in handy! Dimensions: 19" W by 8.5" H by 24" D. Weight: 185 lbs (net). It’s a monster; but it sounds quite good indeed!


By the way I also have an LFD Mistral integrated Amp which I also auditioned. In that comparison the 300B amp was preferred. Next to that I auditioned a Pass Labs 30.5, however the sound of the Krell impresses me most.


Should actually state “no sound”, it is more the accuracy, space, 3D, lack of grain, dynamics.

Next to that Midrange is more alive, bass much better controlled.


(Palm macks forehead) I should have known. I have a Krell KSA-150 and lusted after the 200s many years ago. Krells are amazing in that they are stable and happy connected to almost any load you can imagine. My little KSA-150 only weighs about 80 Lb and can be moved without a forklift, although extreme care and two healthy men are recommended. :smiley: The problem I have with my Krell and a primary reason I lusted after the s series is HEAT. The 150 consumes 1000 watts at all times and is thus all but unusable during the summer. I like the s series with the stepped bias and far lower heat generation.

Since then, I have come to like class D amps and the latest generations are quality music producers on par with most any reasonable amp of any type. I look forward to auditioning the upcoming PS Audio amp…



I also had a Pass pure class A, only 30 Watts, more heat and less stable. So the stepped bias and the high power class A output really seem to do the trick. The amp is restored and recapped, so should be ok. Viewed some amp restoration video’s on Youtube, is not a “simple amp” to repair if and when something goes wrong. In that sense class D is much more simple. I need to be still convinced though, although Hypex is a Dutch manufacturer I wonder how it will sound. Basically I have found that is the issue all the time; how does it sound @ home? I believe in the USA people can get home delivery and return after two weeks, in the Netherlands this is not done generally. So one has to buy “at the shop”. The system combination can then go wrong. With the stability of class D amps this should be history however. Please let me know how you like the upcoming PS Audio amp. Do you know when it will be launched?