An Amplifier with a Wacky Warrantee

Denafrips Class AB Amplifier. $3707USD. Read the last paragraph……Really ?

Buy U.S. designed and assembled folks. Just my 1cent opinion. And I’m not a Txxx’er !

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Yeah that’s odd. I could see if they would pay for a tech to come to your place and do the repair, but saying, “here’s your parts, you’re own your own” seems odd. But maybe it’s modular enough that even someone with basic skills can do (I.e no soldering) Even if the the markup is so low that they can’t absorb the costs of shipping, how many are likely to fail? I can’t imagine many, so if the profit margin is blown on a handful of repairs, it seems like that tolerable for a company.

One of many things that’s so great about PS is that I had a very early pair of BHK300’s - like the first shipment. When one had an issue they insisted on having me ship both back (at their cost) to insure both were in spec.

The people that bash PS or Paul make me laugh. I can’t imagine a more ethical or transparent company.


Okay it gets wackier… on Denafrip’s site I found this:

NOTE: DENAFRIPS power amps are true balanced. Please do not connect the amplifier’ speaker output to the sub-woofer high level input. Such a connection may potentially damage the amplifier. Please contact us should you need to integrate the sub-woofer to the stereo system

Does this make sense? My BHK300’s are also balanced and the suggested way to use them with subs is high level (if the subs, like mine, have that input).

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It does make sense. Using a high level connection i.e. REL on a balanced amp requires you connect the wires differently than for a non balanced amp. Connecting all three wires on the speakon connector (including ground) on a balanced amp and you may see smoke which is never good.

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Parasound has fairly strict terms for sending gear to be repaired at their facility. It’s a risk we take with any purchase. At least they’re telling the consumer upfront.

I am perfectly comfortable replacing a board or performing a similar repair. This is easier than sending the piece of kit back to the manufacturer.

Others are uncomfortable with such things, of course. It would be good for the manufacturer to have techs to recommend to such owners.


No wackie dubious warranty with Parasound. Just get an rma and send back to

Probably equally daunting to having a Meridian amp serviced.

Not much different than sending BHK power amps back to PS Audio for servicing.

They do have a decent support team…Have even had a great chat with Richard Schramm
when I was in the market for my former A21 amp.

One thing though to recon though…No forum or jamesh “Whiz Kid”, Elk, Ted Smith

Best wishes all

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Absolutely. Sending heavy weight gear for repair would always be a challenge, more so if service is not available in your home country.

Ronin, Ok that makes sense. My subs high level input is a binding post.

I’m completely comfortable with doing repair in the field given the parts. It saves considerable time and my view of returning bulky gear might be different from others. I see every shipment back and forth as just another opportunity for the UPS/FedEx gorillas to do damage. Where this crosses a line IMO is making it official policy rather an option. Not cool.


120+lb amp! Dang.

Not sure if this is a new policy on Vinshine’s part. However, I recently was asked if I could ship a ten pound box of relatively inexpensive AC cables I was selling to Canada, and CA wanted to add $200 to get it across the border.

Also recently was thinking of returning a small, lightweight, sub-$1k order to the Netherlands, and that was going to be around $200. Suffice to say neither happened.

So this may have something to do with it. Not sure what the deal is. Assuming the Plague has affected costs of shipping.

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It’s the only product in the Denafrip’s catalog that this applies to and Alvin at Vinshine is the only dealer. There is a US Service Center for the other products. As it appears that this amp is completely modular boards someone willing to buy it would know whether or not they were comfortable with the policy on this one piece. I own a power amp from another of Alvin’s lines, Kinki Studio, and it also modular. As to rajugsw’s comment of buy from an American company a comparable parts and build quality amp of that nature would sell for at least three times the cost and would be a expensive pain in the ass to get serviced too at this point. Ask a McIntosh owner how long it takes to get service on anything no matter how large or small the problem is. Plus you may be safer dealing with Alvin than you are with a lot of dealers at this point with them selling or taking “deposits” on products they don’t have any idea when they will get. Most of the parts most manufacturers are waiting on in the US and EU are more easily available to these companies,

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I have zero issues repairing and upgrading my Jay’s Audio CDT2-MKIII. I think the same gentleman (Alvin) owns both companies. When I had an issue with my transport I had an upgrade replacement part in 7 days. (and at no cost for me, either parts or shipping) And the fix was a piece of cake. 10 minutes worth. Sometimes abnormal rules apply. In the world of Alvin self repair is enjoyable. Opening his gear reveals some very sweet things.


I wrote Denafrips and asked them about this. Alvin Chee in Singapore wrote back and said:

"Certainly, we can work on the basis of having the US service center to service the amp when required. Todd @ Texas is a great guy (and highly skilled).
He’s able to service the amp.

I hope this gives you the confidence to consider our products :slight_smile:

So, the matter of who pays for the large shipping bill each way for USA customers wasn’t stated, but they will work on the amp. I told Alvin it would be in their interest to state in writing what happens for USA customers.

The issue of shipping bills for heavy amps has me seriously rethinking my equipment purchases going forward. I looked up what sending my BHK250 back for repairs would cost and the FedEx shipping bill is $230 each way for ground. Shipping coasts have doubled in the last year or so and I doubt they’re ever going down. This may be my last large and heavy class A or A/b amplifier.

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Wow. Thanks for this. It just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it? Re: who pays for the shipping…in my experience if they don’t gleefully say ‘and we pay the shipping…’ well then it becomes a tug of war of sorts on that topic and guess who will lose that one? The guy with the broken boat anchor. :slight_smile:

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I emailed Alvin from Denafrips again and mentioned that they should clarify their policy in writing for USA customers. He said the warranty statement about “parts only” was only for sales in areas without service centers and they will amend their warranty statements to reflect that.

One thing is for certain…

USA PS Audio service is unprecedented and well supported…

In my thinking and experience is that Paul has developed a top
flight service customer support oriented organization… :clap: :clap: :clap:

No el wackee wacko warranty and send overseas for service…

Thanks Paul and team

Best wishes everyone…

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Sorry Guy’s, I’ve been busy the last few days since I posted this. While I agree on most of the responses, I don’t agree on user replaceable parts in this day and age. While the Denafrips stuff is built like a Tank, this can/could fail. If you are Tech minded as most of us here, this isn’t an issue. for those who aren’t, they shouldn’t feel that they are at the mercy of a local service tech who isn’t Denafrips Authorized. Even if that tech is more than capable to do the work,he has to charge you his time + shipping if she or he isn’t local.

That said U.S.Companies (for the most part) look after their customers. PS Audio as we all know has excellent customer service whether you’re stuff is in or out of warranty. They will bend over backwards to help a customer out in my experience.

So buy American……I try to as much as I can (I’m not a Trumper BTW).

Thanks for all the responses but when I saw the Denafrips ad, I had to say something.

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