An Rx to Avoid the Holiday Blues

OK, I haven’t been feeling too well lately. I’ve been down, and a
lot of stressful things seem to be hitting me all at once.

I finally couldn’t take it any longer and went to my doctor. He
was very concerned that I had let this go for so long.

After a physical and a stress test, he prescribed something that
has helped me so much,

that I wanted you to know. This medication has changed my life.

Maybe it will help you too…


That’s funny,my doctor told me to take one of these🤪image


I think they are the same thing with different delivery methods.

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Homemade Cherry gelatin gummies for me - can’t tolerate the throat irritation any longer


that explains why the glass is sparkling clean…
from this :hot_face: to :sunglasses::+1: also.

Even dry herb vape through water pipe is too harsh for me. Gives me ear infections. But I digress.


sounds like you are also sensitive to mold…
i vape below 392F to avoid Benzene from forming…vapor into bag system (Herbie)…

I always wonder what chemicals are left after gummies are prepared/processed for eating?

Ah, I’ve been using the Ghost MV1 on temp 392F for a good long time now. Perhaps I’ll try the 365F setting

Re gummies, that’s why I make them myself. I know precisely what is in them. Magic Butter machine makes the lame work a non event.

Now with legalization in California, I can buy precisely measured product and calculate exactly how many milligrams per gummy and it’s WAY less expensive vs. commercial after the cost of the MG machine is paid off - maybe 2 batches. More consistent too.

My friends love them too. A friend with home-made gummies is a friend indeed (doesn’t quite have the same rhyme)